World of Orrison

the premise, setting, and influences of world of orrison

"World of Orrison" is a post-apocalyptic science fantasy world that encompasses a range of sentient creatures thriving in the aftermath of the end of an era.


The year is 343 A.o.R. and the returned inhabitants of Orrison struggle to maintain their foothold in the storm of this world. Some strive to rise above their place and rebuild a great civilization-- others seek to co-exist in the new and unforgiving wilderness.

Through the rising dust and falling rain, a voice sings sweetly of what may come.

The aesthetic of Orrison takes influence from media such as Hyperlight Drifter, Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind, Star Wars, Oban Star Racer, Origin: Spirit of the Past, and Journey.

All original species in Orrison are closed species, meaning that an MYO slot is required to make one or they must be obtained through a sale.  Humans are free to create however, and FTO (first time owners) can make a daemon as well!