prompts can be completed for various character rewards, such as esse, rep, and crafting items

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Current Events

2 prompts

    These prompts change every month and are tied to world events.

    Event prompts often involve raffles, freebies, and awards.

Resource Gathering

6 prompts

    These can be completed to earn Esse and crafting items. You must use your own characters to complete these prompts, though you can cameo other characters for rep bonuses.

Soul Searching

5 prompts

    These prompts include npc's, character upgrades, daemon prompts, and taming/domestication related missions.

Bulletin Board

3 prompts

    These are prompts created by users, involving other people's characters. Prompt ideas can be submitted here[tba]!

Circles' Forum

9 prompts

    These prompts are related to circles.


5 prompts

    These prompts are low effort, low reward prompts.


16 prompts

    Old prompts and old events are listed here for record.