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Daemon Hunting

Daemon Hunting

Daemons are both a nuisance and a resource. View more details for requirements.


Due to the storms, Fysa and Aria mixes much more frequently than normal. This spawns feral daemons, who are drawn to strong sources of magic for sustenance. This makes feral daemons dangerous as they will attack people and places. While feral daemons will fade with time, if daemons infest a location with lots of magic (such as ruins), they can remain alive long enough to weather the time between storms, and their number grows out of hand.

Not only do daemons need to be dealt with, but people will pay to have infestations removed. Daemon parts can also be a resource for naturalists.

Option A: Visual Art

Draw a character with their weapon of choice, fighting a daemon, or recovering from injuries.

Minimum Visual Art requirements:

  • Halfbody
  • Sketch
  • Flat colors OR Shading
  • Platform Background, Partial Background, or Simple Background
Option B: Literature

Write about a character learning to fight, fending off or hunting daemons, or recovering from injuries.

Minimum Literature requirements:

  • 400 words minimum
Option C: Roleplay

Roleplay your characters delving into a daemon nest together to clear it out.

Minimum Roleplay requirements:

  • 5 posts for your character
  • No minimum word count for posts

Other media such as video edits, sculptures, etc are allowed. They are judged on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to ask in the discord if you're not sure, beforehand!


Reward Amount
Scrap 3
Bag of Hunting 1

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