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Deepsea Fishing

There is life, however unlikely, in the oceans. View more details for requirements.


Food from the oceans has somehow become an unlikely important source-- although the oceans themselves are poisonous, the life that remains there has adapted wonderously and the creatures are often purative in nature. This makes them important for diets and also for creating medicines used in curing both Fysa and Aria poisoning.

Sailing the seas is a dangerous job. Anyone who falls in is likely to fall ill, at least temporarily, with Fysa poisoning. There are also chances to be caught in Fysa rains or Aria storms when out on the open ocean. Diving is the most dangerous job of all-- divers don protective garments and go to the ocean floor in order to collect easily reached shellfish and aquatic life, set traps, and gather resources. Although the equipment is protective against Fysa, it can tear or leak, and being attacked by wildlife is a strong possibility.

Many underwater ruins exist, and these places are frequented by divers looking to strike it rich. Other divers are scholars, looking to study the unique creatures to find a way to surpass Fysa poisoning.

Option A: Visual Art

Draw a character fishing, at the beach, or on open water.

Minimum Visual Art requirements:

  • Halfbody
  • Sketch
  • Flat colors OR Shading
  • Platform Background, Partial Background, or Simple Background
Option B: Literature

Write about a character fishing, at the beach, or on open water.

Minimum Literature requirements:

  • 400 words minimum
Option C: Roleplay

Roleplay your characters fishing, at the beach, or on open water.

Minimum Roleplay requirements:

  • 2 participants (all participants get credit)
  • 10 posts total (5 per person for 2 people)
  • No minimum word count for posts

Other media such as video edits, sculptures, etc are allowed. They are judged on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to ask in the discord if you're not sure, beforehand!


This prompt rewards 10 Reputation points to each character featured, PLUS 5 Reputation point per cameo to the artist to the character of choice.

For example, if  the image includes Character A (belonging to the artist), Character B, and Character C...

  • Character A gets 10 Rep
  • Character B gets 10 Rep
  • Character C gets 10 Rep
  • The artist gets 15 additional Rep to give to whichever character they own that they want

It is important to apply the reputation to the Character Rewards section when submitting your prompt, including the bonus rep to your character of choice. Otherwise, it will not be applied.


Potential rewards (they are randomized) include:

  • Small Creature (large chance)
  • Heavy Ore
  • Soft Scale
  • Glowing Fruit
  • Curly Whisker


Reward Amount
Deepsea Fishing 1

You can submit this prompt 1 time(s) per month per character.

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