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Ilya's Children 2021

Ilya's Children 2021

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The 10th face of Mylic is a dangerous time to be out alone-- conceal yourself from the goddess Ilya.


Ilya's Children

When humans first came to Orrison, they wore masks to blend in among the myriad of magical creatures. This tradition has persisted up to today, and has spread among all the species-- during Ilya's month, it is common to wear mask or costume to confuse malignant spirits. Masks decorate dwellings, front doors, shops, and other places as well.

Option A: Visual Art

Draw your character in costume! It is common to pretend to be another species, whether sentient creatures or feral fauna. Only a mask is required, but others tend to spruce up their outfits as well.

Minimum Visual Art requirements:

  • Fullbody (chibi allowed)
  • Sketch
  • Flat Colors
Option B: Literature

Write about a time your character wished they could be someone or something else.

Minimum Literature requirements:

  • 250 word minimum


Raffle rewards this month include the following:

  • 1 MYO Slot
  • 1 Choice of Morph Item
  • 1 Fysa Tincture
  • 20 Esse
  • 15 Esse
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 100 Rep


Reward Amount
Esse 5
Bag 1
Ilya's Trials 2021 (Award) 1

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