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Ilya's Warning 2020

Ilya's Warning 2020

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Effigies are made in warding and warning. Complete to earn the award for Ilya's Trials 2020!


Ilya's Warning

This is a tradition which was once prevalent in past ages, but only re-emerged after sentients returned from the moon Mylic. Effigies are built in the image of a city's leaders-- politicians, scholars, and more-- and then jeered, mocked, and burned. For those who are less braznen, notes are written and stuffed into the effigies themselves. Some create private effigies to be burned in their own homes, but the community comes together to make large ones in the city center. It serves as an opportunity for people to air their grievances, and as a warning to their leaders going forward. As everyone is masked during this time, it is more difficult to attack someone for criticizing other powerful and influential people.

Note of Warning

Write a character's grievance with another, or their frustrations with the state of the world.

Minimum Literature requirement:

  • 1 sentence


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