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NPC Prompt

NPC Prompt

Category: Soul Searching

Complete this prompt to gain an NPC slot.


Complete this prompt to earn an NPC slot.

NPC Characters

NPC's can be any species. They are bound to a normal character and cannot be traded/swapped/gifted once used. NPC's cannot be used as a main character for prompts, cannot earn rep, and cannot gain traits. In order to upgrade an NPC into a full fledged character, a new MYO slot item must be obtained and added onto their design update request (or linked in a comment if it's already been used).

A Softer World

Emulate or parody "A Softer World" comic strip in relation to your character. It is encouraged that you use this as an opportunity to explore the relationships between your character and your potential NPC when seeking inspiration for this prompt.

You are only required to mimic the comic's format- you are allowed but not required to copy text or take inspiration from the visual contents, however at least one element (either text or visuals) must be your original work. Be sure to give credit to the comic when posting your work anywhere.

Minimum Requirements:

  • "A Softer World" style comic
  • A visual element
    • May be a drawn background
    • May be a drawn character
    • May be a photograph you took
    • May be a photograph or art you have rights to use (with credit)
  • A written element
    • May be borrowed from A Softer World comic
    • May be original text

At least one element must be your original work (ex: you can use a photograph you have rights to if you're writing your own text, however you must take your own photographs if you are borrowing text).


Reward Amount
NPC Slot 1

You can submit this prompt an unlimited number of times .

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