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New Faces

New Faces

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Ends: 31 August 2021, 23:59:59 CDT (1 year ago)

Welcome to the Orrison! View more details for requirements.


It's time for Newcomer Invites!

This month, anyone who already owns an Orrison character (whether closed species or a human) is able to also extend an invitation to their friends. Invited friends will get 10 Esse, enough to purchase a First Time Owner Slot. If your friend completes their MYO before the end of the month, you can also get 5 Esse! You can invite multiple people.

People who join this month but don't have anyone to invite them can still submit for this prompt, and instead of rewarding 5 Esse to your friend, your 5 Esse for completion will go into a raffle for the event! Anyone is elligible for the raffle.

New Members

  1. You must not have claimed Newcomer Invites rewards in the past; your account must have 0 Esse and no Characters/MYO slots.
  2. Submit to this prompt with the following:
    "I am a Newcomer and I am being invited by ___."
    "I am a Newcomer and I am joining by myself."
  3. That's it! Once approved, you'll get 10 Esse which you can use at the MYO Shop.
  4. Create your MYO! Once complete and accepted, your friend can also submit to this prompt with a link to your character to claim their 5 Esse.

Current Members

  1. Once your friend completes their character, submit to this prompt with the following:
    "I am a Member and I am claiming the following invitees."
  2. Add the characters of all completed MYO's using their ML codes (MYO-###).
  3. You may submit all at once, or multiple times. Newcomers who have already completed their MYO's are allowed to invite others and claim their esse as well!


Be sure to enter yourself in the raffle for all the unclaimed newcomer esse!


Reward Amount
Esse 10

You can submit this prompt an unlimited number of times .

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