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These are user-made prompts! Submit bulletins here.


The bulletin board is a section of prompts for users to submit prompts featuring their own characters as an NPC! When approved, these prompts will be put onto the site for others to complete.

Note that we reserve the rights to decline any prompt if we feel it does not fit in the world. We also may decline a prompt if we feel it is too similar to an existing or planned prompt, or if its niche is already filled (ex: other prompts with similar premises, or other prompts with the same reward).

Your submission will be accepted if all the information is present and you will get the award, however Submission is not a guarantee of acceptance and even if your submission is accepted, your prompt may not be integrated into the world. We will let you know in the submission comments! Sometimes, prompts may also be delayed to allow others to have a chance or to space activities out.

Also, just because your content is declined does not mean that it is not a good idea! Many times, it simply may not fit with our idea of Orrison- we strongly encourage declined content to be implemented elsewhere as it remains your property.

By submitting a bulletin, you are agreeing that it is okay for others to make art or literature depictions of your character. These depictions may not be 100% accurate, but you are not obligated to accept them as canon. A bulletin poster is not obligated to comment on fanart of their character. If you would like your bulletin removed from the site, you can either set a timer for the prompt (ex: 1 month) or submit a report to request its removal.
Option A: Individual

Your character as a single unaffiliated individual can host a prompt! They will be acting as an NPC for the prompt, requesting help with a task or providing a story for others to work off of. In many cases, this implies permission to use this character in prompt-related work.

You can choose a single reward to offer that fits within your prompt or character's theme. The more valuable a reward, the harder the prompt requirements should be. You can also provide a smaller reward for a smaller minimum requirement (like reflections prompts).

Rewards that are randomized bags or base crafting materials such as heavy ores can be repeated once monthly. Rewards that have a specific higher quality item such as a species item or a larger amount of Esse can only be completed once per person.

You may also set a limited run time for your prompt. The prompt will be put into the archive once it is over.

If the terms of the prompt need to be negotiated (such as rewards, run time, or requirements) moderators will DM you to ask!

Individual prompts will be put into the Bulletin Board Category once up!

Option B: Circle

Circles can host a prompt! They will be acting as an NPC for the prompt. This can be exclusive or open-- in the case it is exclusive, non-members can still submit but it will be considered non-canon alternate universe scenario (ex: an exclusive prompt where a character is drawn in the circle's uniform, anyone not in the circle is just an AU but can still submit). Open prompts are for situations where the circle needs help outside of their specialty, or simply needs more bodies to complete a task.

Otherwise, the rules for a circle prompt are similar to the rules for an individual prompt in regards to the rewards, run time, and requirements, so please read those for reference. Multiple circle members can serve as NPC's, but all must give permission in the form below.

Individual prompts will be put into the Circles' Forum Category once up!

Use Rights

Note that by submitting a prompt to the World of Orrison, you are accepting that your intellectual property is becoming a part of the World of Orrison as an activity. This means that others are allowed to freely interpret this content, and that moderators are allowed to alter, edit, use, or derive things from your prompt. You may reuse your writing in other places and may request removal at any time.


Please fill out the following information and submit it to this prompt. You may submit your creature through a google doc, toyhouse page, or any other hub of information.

Basic Information

  • Prompt Name
  • Prompt Icon: By default this is the icon of the masterlist entry of the main prompt NPC, however you can provide a different 100x100 px image if you'd like.
  • Prompt Summary: a short one line description of the prompt
  • Prompt Description: a paragraph or few giving context for the prompt. This should include any plot, your character's involvement, and other information.
  • Prompt Requirement: the task that absolutely must be depicted in the prompt itself
  • Minimum Art Requirements: any art requirements for the prompt. By default, this is 'Halfbody, Sketch, Flat colors OR shading'. You can add requirements, such as a background, or specific requirements such as a certain outfit or color palette.
  • Minimum Literature Requirements: any literature requirements for the prompt. By default, this is '300 word minimum'. You can add requirements, such as writing in a certain poetry style, adding specific literary tools such as metaphors, flashbacks, or foreshadowing.
  • Roleplay Option: you can add a roleplay requirement if and only if you're comfortable with roleplaying with people! This is a 5 post per person minimum. You may submit to your own prompt.
  • Run Time: Optional. If you want to limit how long your prompt stays active, state so here.
  • Reward: If you leave this blank, we'll suggest some for you!

Character Information

  • Circle: If a circle is hosting this prompt, provide a link to the circle.
  • Character: A link to the character(s) who will be acting as the "NPC" for this prompt. If a circle is hosting a prompt, this can be several characters as optional choices.


Reward Amount
Dispatcher (Award) 1

You can submit this prompt 1 time(s) per year per character.

Harvest Help

Category: Bulletin Board

A small swamp town needs some help with this year's harvest.


This prompt was written by Silver.

The village of Talatol has seemingly received the blessing of Fys, leading to a bountiful harvest that is a bit too much for the people living there to reap. Pizazz, the de-facto leader of the village, has requested help from any and all kinds of people. The only requirement is a willingness to get their hands dirty in the fields. Due to the abundance of food, helpers are welcome to take a bit of what they harvest as the reward that Pizazz has offered.

Option A: Visual Art

Draw your character interacting with a farm! Harvesting food, turning soil, planting seeds, etc.

Minimum Visual Art requirements:

  • Fullbody
  • Sketch
  • Flat colors OR Shading
  • Platform Background, Partial Background, or Simple Background
Option B: Literature

Write about your character interacting with a farm! Harvesting food, turning soil, planting seeds, etc.

Minimum Literature requirements:

  • 400 words minimum
  • Include the descriptions of a plant or crop- its color, its features, or some other thing about it.


Reward Amount
Reputation 10
Rare Seed 1

You can submit this prompt 1 time(s) per month .

Ode to Aria

Category: Bulletin Board

Singing out into the ether to guide the lost god home.


This prompt was written by iodine.

The opera house in Ichorrai welcomes any in need to find refuge under its roof, for a small toll. Visitors are asked to assist-- and even star if comfortable-- in the productions the opera house hosts in payment for their stay. Performers of all kinds are also drafted from all far reaches of The Claws, ushered in with the promise of substantial esse in exchange for a display of their talents on the stage.

The proprietor’s motives are not quite as virtuous as they seem. A fanatic of Aria of the Dischoir, the performers Khada enlists are unwittingly playing out the melodies she has whispered to him, and by parroting these back out to the world he hopes that one day she may hear them. And through them, find her way out from the fabric of dreams.

Depict your character’s performance at the opera house, or the work undertaken in the lead up to it.

Option A: Visual Art

Draw your character’s solo performance at the opera house, donning an ensemble created specifically for the occasion. Singing is the most common option, but you may choose any display that relates to the performance arts.

Minimum Visual Art requirements:

  • Fullbody
  • Sketch
  • Clothed, use an outfit design made for the performance
  • Flat colors AND Shading (limited palette allowed)
  • Partial Background or Simple Background
Option B: Visual Art

Draw your character involved in the creation of their performance outfit, tailor made by Khada with their creative input. This could include drawing up concepts for the clothing, taking measurements, cutting out cloth, sewing, etc.

Minimum Literature requirements:

  • Halfbody
  • Sketch
  • Flat colors OR Shading
  • Include your character interacting with Khada.
Option C: Literature

Compose the lyrics to a theoretical song Aria of the Dischoir would sing to your character.

Minimum Literature requirements:

  • No word minimum
  • Song should be written in the poetic style of an ode


Reward Amount
Odd Tune 1

You can submit this prompt 3 time(s) .

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