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Remembrance 2020

Remembrance 2020

Category: Current Events
Ends: 12 December 2021, 23:59:59 CST (1 year ago)

The Undertaker tells stories during the 11th face of Mylic. Pay heed to the past and the present.


The Undertaker tells stories during the 11th face of Mylic. Stories of ages past, stories of adventurers long dead... Their stories are our stories, and if we forget them, we are forgetting ourselves. It is also important to pay heed to the living-- reaffirming one's bonds is the way to secure memory, long after your own passing.

Does your character have someone they miss from their past (deceased or no longer interacting)? Do they have someone they fear to lose?

Option A: Visual Art

Draw your character interacting with someone from their past, experiencing loss, or attempting to make ammends with someone in the present.

Minimum Visual Art requirements:

  • Two halfbodies OR one fullbody (chibi allowed)
  • Sketch
  • Flat Colors
Option B: Literature

Write about a loss your character experienced, how they dealt with that loss, or something they're afraid to lose.

Minimum Literature requirements:

  • 250 word minimum


Raffle rewards this month include the following:

  • 1 General MYO Slot
  • 1 Choice of Morph
  • 50 Esse
  • 20 Esse
  • 20 Esse
  • 20 Esse
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune
  • 1 Odd Tune


Reward Amount
Reputation 20
Remembrance 2020 (Award) 1
Bag 1
Esse 10
[2021] In the Wings (Raffle Ticket) 1

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