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Rites of Valor 2020

Category: Current Events
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The Rites of Valor are used to realign your spiritual balance. View more details for requirements.


Create an illustration where your character participates in the Rites of Valor.

the rites

Valorism is the most popular religious identity in Orrison, with the widest range of sub-religions. It is centered around the idea of many spirits and multiple small gods. It is acceptable in Valorism to accept one god or a few gods as patron deities to devote yourself to (many spirits are attached to locations, families, etc, and can be very personal), but it is also just as accepted to have no patron deity and to simply respect spirits as they are.

The backbone of the faith involves the belief in positive and negative karmic energy (not good or bad, just positive and negative) that affect the spirits, which in turn affect the physical world. Helping your own deities through prayer, encouragement, and offerings can help to maintain harmony. 

Every living being is a small spirit in and of itself, just with a physical body, so Valorism also teaches that you must treat others with respect as well. When one dies, their energies rejoin the spiritual atmosphere of the world (Fys). The state of their afterlife, whether pleasant or hellish, depends on the state of the physical realm. If harmonic balance is not maintained, the area will cause all spiritual life to suffer. Pressure is put on practitioners because their actions are responsible for the suffering of spirits, and their owns pirits will join them after death.

One can balance their energy by performing certain behaviors and surrounding one's self with certain objects and colors. This can vary from self restraint and punishment to reward and indulgence, as prescribed by Valoric Sages. It includes things like taking pilgrimmages, eating certain foods, and wearing certain colors. The prescribed rituals depend on one's mental state, build, health, recent actions, and eye color and more, such as:

  • Punishment
    • Isolation
    • Fasting
    • Giving up material goods
  • Reward
    • Indulging in rich food
    • Listening to music
    • Attending performances
    • Participating in a party
  • Action
    • Wearing a certain article or color
    • Requiring a certain behavior (ex: can't step on cracks, or must bow to doors, or has to sing all their words)
  • Service
    • Constructing buildings
    • Cleaning public spaces
    • Reparing structures
    • Farming
Option A: Visual Art

Draw your character participating in a Valoric rite.

Minimum Visual Art Requirements:

  • Head shot
  • Sketch
  • Both digital & traditional are accepted!
Option B: Literature

Write about a character participating in a Valoric rite.

Minimum Literature requirements:

  • 200 words minimum
Option C: Roleplay

Roleplay your characters discussing, performing, or being affected by their chosen Valoric rite(s).

Minimum Roleplay requirements:

  • 5 posts for your character
  • No minimum word count for posts

Other media such as video edits, sculptures, etc are allowed. They are judged on a case-by-case basis.


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Category: Current Events
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A dream echoes out across the collective consciousness. View more details for requirements.


The Spirebreak

Storm season passes without incident- instead of the harsh torrent of the aria storm and the following clarity of weather, the world is plagued by a persistent and annoying humidity and drizzle. The change causes unease, which only grew as time passed.

The weather does not deter work in Kinstead. Aelius erects a barrier around the lesser spire, and rumours spread that whatever work is ongoing within its limits are what are causing the lack of storms. Many wonder if he's 'solved it'- if his goal was taming the forces of nature and fixing the problems his ancestors caused with the Senescence.

Through this calm, those in Immitheus are able to take the opportunity to fortify their city, and they even are able to help repair the teleport in Ichorrai by referencing the technology they uncovered. Life even returns to a resemblance of normalcy in Ichorrai and Ynochrin.

Then the spire breaks.

A great force rips through the spire itself, causing the entire world to shudder. Quakes plague the earth, exposing new ruins and burying old ones. The crystal spire itself cracks and even shatters, its coloration warping and darknening in jagged splotches and veins through the normally blue crystal, and the sound of it is like superheated glass exploding. From every crack and break spews a miasma, not unlike the storms that it normally produces, but much heavier, much thicker, and absolutely unceasing. The miasma covers the world in a matter of days, darkening the skies.

The Dream

At the same time, everyone in the world experiences a dream simultaneously. It begins as a whistling scream echoing the sounds of the spire's destruction, and plunges each individual into their own personal vision:

You stand in a vast cavern where a great beast sleeps. The cavern is so large, you cannot see its dark edges, and the darkness is so heavy that your eyes hallucinate stars as pinpricks in the blackness. The breath of the creature before you is laborous and ragged, and you can smell the sickness and pain rolling off of its body even from a distance. Someone is holding your hand, and though you cannot see them in the dark, you know who it is-- a loved one, a family member, a stranger... the figure varies from dreamer to dreamer. They say that it has been a very long time since they've seen you, even if you had only seen them just yesterday in the waking world. Then they apologize. Fys is waking up, and that cannot come to pass. If Fys' dream ends, then it will reclaim every shard of its soul, one way or another, and every being on Orrison will die.

The Aria's lullaby has been interrupted, her song changed to a scream, but now she is free to use her voice to freely guide you- to wield your intelligence, your determination, your strength, or simply your life. Is the beast in front of you Fys? Surely it cannot be-- though it is large, it is too small to be the entire world, you think. You feel it may be someone else, but someone important. As you awaken, you feel both a deep dread and the sense that you are loved- both by Aria's voice, and by whatever awakens beneath your feet.

Option A: Visual Art

Draw your character's dream as a collage, vignette, or splash image. A splash image is an image which acts as a summary of events, often portraying either the main moment in an event, or having multiple moments in one image (example | example).

The common themes of the dream is darkness, stars, and being spoken to by Aria through the mouth of a family member, friend, enemy, or stranger. Aria may also show your character visions specific to them in order to motivate them, so you are free to change or specify the contents of your character's dream.

Minimum Visual Art requirements:

  • 1 halfbody character
  • sketch
  • flat colors OR shading
  • Platform Background, Partial Background, or Simple Background
Option B: Literature

Write about your character's vision from Aria. Include a couplet somewhere in the literature!

The common themes of the dream is darkness, stars, and being spoken to by Aria through the mouth of a family member, friend, enemy, or stranger. Aria often speaks in rhythm but this isn't necessarily always in song or rhyme. She may also show your character visions specific to them in order to motivate them, so you are free to change or specify the contents of your character's dream.

Minimum Literature requirements:

  • 400 word minimum


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