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Archivistry 2021

Category: Current Events
Ends: 18 April 2021, 23:59:59 CDT (1 week from now)

The Archivist has a special request. View more details for requirements.


This month's event is open ended! You can use this prompt to submit any artwork, literature, or RP related to the Archivistry 2021, but only once. Submissions should be related to your character's reaction or participation to ongoing events, and you are encouraged to draw inspiration from the event and dice results from discord research. You can view the full details on the event news page.

The Search for Lireah

Lireah was the original home of the Archivist. It is the home to her original archives, a spiralling conch structure of a library built into the mountainside, and a testament to her dedication to the preservation of history. Lireah was so important that she feared any who had control of it might have too much power-- so with the help of her archivists, she detached the entire city from the earth and floated it into the sky. The Archivist has no idea where it exists now-- its drifting course is controlled by those who live on it, and she believes it unlikely there are any leyr who survived the storms left in her city. Her best hope is that the library's seal remains in place to keep her treasure of knowledge safe inside.

The Archivist holds the belief that wherever the library exists, it might still be accessible through the old teleportation network that used to connect all of the major cities of Orrison. Ichorrai's is broken now, its outgoing pad destroyed when refugees fled to the moon-- only its incoming pad is in tact. These structures used to be vital pieces of infrastructure-- but while all the cities were connected, they were also divided by politics, power, and war. Many of these systems were not left unguarded or out in the open, and she knows Immitheus' is somewhere in its deep belly.

Now that the threat of war has ebbed, the Archivist herself has left Ichorrai for Immitheus to oversee the plumbing of the old city's depths. This year, her boon will be granted to those who provide the greatest assistance.

Option A: Visual Art

Minimum Visual Art requirements:

  • 1 character halfbody
  • Implied or simple background (should be able to tell where/what is going on)
  • Sketch
  • Flat Colors OR Shading
Option B: Literature

Minimum Literature requirements:

  • 200 word minimum
  • 200 word minimum for literature RP per person
    • 2 people = 400 words
    • 3 people = 600 words


Raffle rewards this month include the following:

Leyr Morph Item
Leyr Morph Item
10 Esse
10 Esse
1 Odd Tune
1 Odd Tune
15 Scrap



Reward Amount
Esse 5
Archivistry 2021 (Award) 1
Light Bones 1
Archivistry 2021 (Raffle Ticket) 1

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