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Category: Reflections

Questions to expand upon your character.


These questions are intended to help explore one's character, a little bit at a time.

Written Responses

You may respond either out of character or in character.

If the answer changes, or you change your character, you are free to re-answer a prompt for the same character in the future.

Choose One:

  • What is your character's biggest secret?
  • What does your character fear?
  • Does your character have any nervous ticks or general habits?
  • What does your character's voice sound like?
  • What is your character's theme song or playlist?
  • What is your character's favorite season? Weather? Time of day?
  • What is justice, to your character?
  • If someone turned your character into an artifact, what would it do?
  • Is your character the poet, soldier, or king?
  • What is your character's alignment (ex: lawful evil)?
  • What rpg or dnd class would your character have?
  • What event might cause your character to turn away from their morals?
  • What event might cause your character to reconsider their life choices?


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Category Memes

Category: Reflections

Arrange your character(s) on a category meme.


Alignment memes originated with the "lawful/neutral/chaotic, good/neutral/evil" chart, often applied to memes and other characteristics..

Alignment Memes

You are encouraged to use little icons of your character's headshots, but you can just write their names too! These memes are more fun with more characters, feel free to collaborate and compare with friends. If the answer changes, you are free to re-answer a prompt for the same character(s) in the future.

Complete any of the memes available here!


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Category: Reflections

Create a 'hypothetical child' from two existing designs.


A hypothetical child is the combining of two characters to create a third that would be their child in theory.

Hypothetical Child(ren)

Create a hypokid! Some people treat them as a hybrid (merging) of two characters, so not really their child. Others treat them as what an actual child from the two characters would be. You're free to take any route with this prompt, as long as two designs are used to create a third.

Be sure to ask permission before using anyone else's characters as 'parent' material.

Minimum Visual Art requirements:

  • Halfbody
  • Sketch
  • Flat colors OR Shading
  • No background required


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Reputation 15
Esse 1

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Character Profiles

Category: Reflections

Submit your character's written profile.


This is a place to submit your character's application for Esse. You can complete this once per character you own on the masterlist.

Character Profile

You may use any formatting that you like. When submitting a character for this prompt, note that a moderator will be double checking for world lore accuracy! You can use this as an opportunity to get feedback. If you would not like feedback, please state so in your submission.

You can write your profile directly into your character's Masterlist Profile section, you can write it on Toyhouse. or even publish a google doc. As long as everything is legible, you are fine!

Minimum Requirements:

  • Name
  • Masterlist Link
  • Species
  • Gender
  • Personality (3-5 word list of traits is fine, or bullet points, or paragraph form)
  • History (bullet points are fine)

Additional Suggestions

  • Age
  • Height
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Circle


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Esse 5

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Meme Redraws

Category: Reflections

Make a recreation of a meme using your characters.


Meme redraws are when you draw your character over a meme to create a parody featuring your characters.

Meme Redraws
DISCLAIMER: Please try to credit the original meme if you are able to! Some memes are sourced from tv shows or obscure social media posts, but others are sometimes original art such as manga covers or 'draw this in your style' memes. Parody allows you to recreate works in the format of the original, but only with the intention that it is recognizable as a parody and not claimed to be an original work. Do not wrongfully take credit for the origination of any memes that are used!

Create a parody of a meme featuring your characters. There is no minimum requirement for the quality of these submissions-- even writing your character's name or pasting their icon over a social media post's icon is acceptable.

Here is an example of a meme redraw:


This is a series of screencaps from HBO's True Detective.


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Scrap 3

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