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Poet shares some fish! :D

Elres sends pip to a shady contact and pip gets Elres soup khlgjfkj

i hope this is alright! if i need to tweak the coloring or anything, feel free to dm me @ plutosongs#4819! (i have it like this because white pages make my eyes hurt aha…) i have no clue what the shell is doing there or how brume found it, but i just… baby find thing.

Pip helps out Yramew with some research

woo!!! 13 characters, all finished!! :'0 This was a tricky but fun project! ^^

thought it would be fun for leetle fish to dress up as a rrex! i hooope this works? i gave them a shawl in their colors bc there's only one person who would be able to help them dress up [he was gonna get submitted this month to be with them in the text submission for this prompt but i couldn't finish it in time hhhhhhfhfhfhhfhff]

[Everything is signed in Tolkan.] "Nobody- nobody listens to me, which is ironic, right, because I can't hear? But I can speak, and I can think, and I want- I want to make the world better too. I want it to be better. They won't listen to me."

Been a while since a meme!

Shira and Anse plan a hunt!

"Although everything has turn out fine, save for the fysa showers now turning to mistings, I fear that if these events do not have more attention to them there can be another catastrophe that can end worse, everyone was okay but we don't know exactly how bad it can get especially when we mess with the relics of this world."




please count this for wilds, o benevolent moderators (its cool if not. ty for ur time)

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