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Daylight wondering the ruins of Immitheus alone...

Since this has Daylight getting help with their garden I think it can count for interacting with flora?

Yramew talking to Caspian about possible spire shard capability stuff

Boy looks like a street fighter and im here for it cgdgfdgf

Poet probably got got by the spire fog when looking for his family. Hopefully this counts as storm chasing?

Nightmarket prompt with Yramew and Rikkitikki :)

Art and Calli plan a trip into the tunnels of Immitheus (+ Osho!)

Redraw time!! This is a redraw of a panel from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba manga

Does your character have any nervous ticks or general habits? Poet only really gives side hugs to people that aren’t his family, not full hugs. (Perhaps there’s a reason he does this? or maybe he’s just awkward👀)

Hopefully this can count as a little category meme! Pride edits for some of my characters! <3

I chose the punishment idea for Shira because he’s trying to pay back the death of a loved one that he believes is his fault. This is sorta supposed to represent fasting, but also sorta spilled blood? But it’s intended to be wine lol

My boy sings his little heart out for the dreams <3

Honk :)

I'm so sorry to do this to you guys. I started on the original lines about 6PM in a complete haze and then like a couple of hours later I was coloring it and hoo boy did it end up a bit of a mess. It was a lot cooler in my head. There were actually two more scenes in here, but I cut them out because it was just way too busy and hard to look at. Anyways, I hope this applies! I've never done a splash page (this is really the first year I've done anything other than just... plain character references), so hopefully I've got the spirit of it. The crevice opening up was originally supposed to be like... the fissure on the crystal but it didn't translate that great. If this ends up not fitting in with the prompt, please inform me so I can go back to the drawing board! Thanks y'all for all your hard work! <3

Nox checks in on Lireah...

Nox just got back from exploring the caverns, carving safe routes, though the Chimoraa of Ynochrin seem keen on staying put.

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