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He run! He use his 'winged' limbs to more easily push himself from rock to rock over the water!

Post office birds MOBILIZE to find a lost bat.

I don't know if this is enough for a companion to be added to the characters list so if it isn't that's fine but I added the pipepest just in case since the purpose for fishing is for the pipepest. :)

He sit on moss and he sing <3

Sowwy about the quality I stitched this together on mobile

RP between Peekodeeka and Rochester/"Chess," talking about a possibility of a custom piece and then grabbing ingredients for tea!

He found a rock!

need to be logged in to see :-)!

I hope this works! Uploading from my phone... but daemon troubles with Yramew!

referenced from my first discord interaction where veraiddhel was flying around the towers to see if there was anything around!

i am so sorry cory. i forgot to paste the last 1 in. forgivea me..

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