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I think I did it right this time my computer is dead atm so I did not it will be on in just a moment

she's buffering, just give her a second

submission URL shows Relay conversation setting up context for the rest of the rp! located here: It's my first time using toyhouse lit, so if anythings weird, dm me!


He protecc, he attacc, he eat daemon as a snacc

I’m on a big art boost sorry

part 1: part 2:

a field of - roses? those exist on this planet? (a bit of an experimental art for me, so it got wonky!)

Fun fact as a child I was obsessed w armadillos and moles! Have a good trip please don’t overwork yourself!

Just came back from a hiatus and finished the pic before i saw that Chimorra dont really do clothes -- oops dfjhk

The final prompt TwT so glad i got back in the groove for this one

I'm way too happy with this gdhfgskj

Rochester is not pleased about being turned into a chimoraa, even temporarily!

Fushi : cleric

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