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Boy oh boy am I gonna do more of these

Pretty explicit violence in here, just as a heads up!

hello world of orrison mods pwease take pity on me and allow me to have this rep for my rat. benefits of giving me this rep for my rat are that ill get rep for my rat. thank u

nicos voice sounds like Peter Capaldi (scottish actor) :)c

"Is your character a Soldier, Poet, or King?" Lai reckons himself a poet, in multiple meanings. Can dancers not be counted as a visual form of poetry?

im sorry in advance juni my tablet died. all I have is track pad. i understand completely if u deny it

fellas is it gay to dress up as ur frenemy who u definitely do Not have a crush on for orrison-halloween?

What is your character's theme song or playlist? I'm still figuring out Poet's character, however this is the song that when I herd it I knew I wanted Poet to be a singer/artist/writer. It could also be his voice claim? But I haven’t decided yet.

Oh boy, this week's meme time!

Effigy images and writing included in the google doc! In theory, Poet and Arthur have a lot in common with what they study, but they don’t know each other personally. Poet has watched however as many have drifted in and out of Arthur’s life, wondering how a man so wise cannot see the gifts of people who care for him pass right before his eyes unnoticed. Poet, abandon by his own birth parent and taken in by a tribe of Luto, doesn’t understand how Arthur could take people like that for granted. He understands that Arthur is forgetful, but believes that’s no excuse for not trying harder to cherish the people around you. He may not even realize it, but in a way, this writing from Poet is directed partly toward his birth parent, not just Arthur.

Nana and Poppop oh how you scolded me. Keeping me from playing, telling me not to be rough and dirty, inflicting your judgements onto me, never trusting never believing in my path. Well look at you two now dead and in the ground, and me burning that of your image.

"is that myrrh? no, something's not quite right."

Motka (MYO-137) Lohrian (MYO-048) Jet (MYO-018) Arthur (CST-008) Poet (OFF-209)

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