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  • User grows leaves on their own body
  • Manipulate existing plant roots
  • Purify poisoned water with roots
  • Leaves fall off with useage
  • No leaves means no magic
  • Leaves regrow in a day

9 August 2020, 23:43:08 CDT

Can be gifted
Can be traded
Cannot be sold

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Ynoch was said to be a tolka, as tolka roamed the planet far before many of the other sentients of Orrison. She was wise and studious, clever and personable, and was one of the greatest storytellers of her generation. She lived for quite a time-- her tales charmed generations of children, and her advice was sought by many leaders. Her passing was the loss of a great personality.

When tolka die, trees are cultivated on the spot of their grave. The dying tolka often even picks and nurtures the sapling before their death. These trees grow into towering giants, as the powerful murk magic of the tolka's decaying body feeds the plants.

Ynoch grew into the most beautiful tree, and her expanse is vast-- the entire forest surrounding her today consists of shoots that all sprang up from her root system. It is said that her intelligence still thrums through her tree, and those who commune with it over a night spent in the hollows between her main trunk's roots can feel her wisdom reaching through. This tree bears large fruits, and Migari, the very first chimia, was born from the first of this fruit. It was said that Migari was the manifestation of all of her children's stories come to life.

Ynoch's Stave is an artifact crafted with Ynoch's bones. It was returned to her grave site years after its creation, and her spirit has guarded it jealously. Still, with the destruction of life on Orrison and the return of Orrison's people, she feels that granting this boon will help with the exploration and settling of Orrison. The artifact allows the user to manipulate existing plant roots-- by waving the stave, they can have them move out of the way, block paths, or even snare people. The user can also use roots to purify water that is poisoned by fysa, just like the trees in Ynoch's grove. The leaves fall off as the stave is used, and when they're all gone the artifact stops working-- they take a day to regrow. A user of the stave may start growing leaves on their own body.