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  • tendrils of the lantern can burrow into the bearer's arm to possess them, granting the bearer the soul's appearance
  • preserves a soul and grants them communion with the bearer
  • allows the bearer to borrow the soul's fysa
  • the lantern must be fueled by deaths to grant its full power of possession
  • one who willingly sacrifices themselves to the lantern replaces the current incumbent soul
  • borrowing the soul's fysa takes a lot of strength and energy

26 October 2020, 20:36:41 CDT

Can be gifted
Can be traded
Cannot be sold

Default flavortext is optional:

A person who willingly dies to inhabit the soul lantern can possess other people as vessels. The lantern must be fueled with the deaths of others, as only a freshly killed soul can fuel something this powerful

At full power, the tendrils which form the lantern's handle merge with a vessel, who takes on the likeness of the soul inside. The lantern was created by someone who wanted to cheat death, but they did not know that they would be replaced by anyone who willingly sacrificed themselves.

If the lantern is not fueled, it goes into a dormant state, the tendrils becoming weak and the light growing dim. It can feed off the fysa of a vessel to prevent from snuffing out completely, but they can't control the vessel-- only speak into their mind while being held. The vessel can wield the fysa of the spirit in the lantern but it saps their strength and energy quickly.