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  • The holder is accompanied by a fragment of Ilya. It isn't the full goddess, but a shard of her awareness. This shard is limited by the bearer's own feelings and knowledge, though sometimes they get hints from the full goddess herself. Ilya manifests as the bearer's reflection, but with blank white eyes. Other times, she may manifest as a snake in mirrors.
  • The bearer is marked by Ilya and other gods cannot harm them.
  • Ilya is only present about 10% of the time, and doesn't answer to the bearer's whims. The goddess can be a little contrary as well, as it is in Ilya's nature to test those around her or to create conflict for growth. This shard of Ilya is not a true manifestation of the full goddess, so her desires/personality may vary and also be affected by the bearer's nature, inner desires, and inner thoughts, especially those surrounding doubts or self loathing.

19 April 2021, 04:46:30 CDT

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This artifact was given to Caspian by the goddess Ilya during the 2021 Archivistry event.