To the swell we will return.
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The Children of the Swell were established in 53 A.o.R. and are a small, isolated group. Though they are technically a Hevinian sect, they disagree that Fys is asleep. Consisting mostly of tolka and humans, (as they are the races with the most defense against fysa poisoning) the family worships the ocean itself as Fys's true form. Any baby (or prospective member) that survives to six months old is baptized in the ocean, accounting for their low numbers despite their relatively long history.

They are a circle of zealots whose members are tight-knit. The Children live and die by the ocean; they hold the belief that Fys will bless their devotion (if they survive the inevitable fysa poisoning) or deem them unworthy and return them to their side. Many of the Children are preachers or artisans, manufacturing trinkets and charms to sell in Ichorrai.

The Children accept members from all walks of life; however, their main interests are not in recruitment. They believe that any who are meant to be with them will eventually find their way to them. They are much more interested in selling their wares -- often branded with the Swell's circle emblem -- and in reaffirming their own faiths. (Though Luto are accepted into the Family, there is a historical discomfort towards and stigma surrounding them, as many in the Family believe them to be souls that Fys rejected. Some luto accept the title "Revenant" in line with this.)

Their greatest goal is to someday develop the ability to live in the ocean itself, though they have been (unsurprisingly) unsuccessful thus far. Their secondary goal is to one day find the beast their founder ate of and feast upon it again, testing their devotion to Fys in the same way Ophiuchus did.

The late Exalt received a dream (the same dream everyone on Orrison received) from what he believed to be Fys and put together a party of his most useful and cherished Family to receive Fys's latest trial. They accepted the storm for what it was and were either destroyed or taken elsewhere by the fog. Currently, the Children are under the leadership of Saint Cainan, the highest ranking member left alive after the chaos of Spirebreak wiped out much of the family and left many other members missing.

Their ranks are as follows:

  • Exalt - Current Leader
  • Saint - A member of the circle whose baptism resulted in changes to their body. Believed to be highly favored by Fys. Generally, only one or two are alive at one time. Though they choose the new Exalt, they are not allowed to be promoted themselves. Currently, the only Saint in the Children of the Swell is Saint Cainan.
  • Bishop - A follower whose devotion to Fys has been recognized by the Exalt. Bishops are in line to become the new Exalt when the current one passes.
  • Follower - A normal member. They are expected to sell their skills (as artisans, mercenaries, etc) and return most of their earnings to the Children.
  • Initiate - A prospective new member. They remain here until their baptism, at which point they either die or ascend to follower.

Please note that only Followers and Initiates are being accepted at this time.

For the sake of progression.
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A circle for those in the medical field to discuss their findings and peer-review journals. Many of these journals cater to those of a surgical or laboratory testing field, in which things may be a little “messier.” Research, once peer-reviewed, is published for anyone to see, for those who may need references for their apprenticeships, supplemental material for those with Blood Fysa who need to re-familiarize themselves with the general anatomy of other species, and even those with a curiosity in how the body functions differently between the species of Orrison.

Behind the curtain, however, This circle allows those with morbid curiosity or pet projects to receive funding for less-than-legal operations. Many of the Artifacts fabricated post Senescence have been created by people who were, at one point, a member of this circle. Financiers can provide general funding that is divided up across the board, or special contracts can be formed with specific individuals. The legality, resources, and intensity demanded of these projects can be quite heavy, so word is not often spread about them. To prevent potential leaks, these projects are often assigned codes consisting of symbols, conlang, and security measures. This is to protect both the identities of researchers and benefactors alike, as well as the contents of their research.

Individuals who willingly sign up for case studies, tests, and other research are well compensated, and once a rapport is built up, these individuals may be able to network through other professionals within the circle for more specialty or regular care, ranging from general practice to anything that the wide variety of practitioners specialize in.

  • The Council (Founder) 
    • The creator(s) of this circle. They are in charge of any grand decisions and approve the rank changes of those beneath them. 
  • Benefactors (Leader)
    • The outside influencers that fund most of the circle's activities, legal or not. They are allowed to take on a more secretive role and can submit funding anonymously if they so choose.
  • Practitioners (Veteran)
    • The more skilled doctors, scientists and medical professionals. They can run their own projects and ask for funding from Benefactors and Council members. 
  • Orderlies (Member)
    • Newly joined members. They may be just as skilled as the Practitioners but they have yet to prove themselves. They typically work underneath another Practitioner until they're able to get funding for their first project. Once your skill is recognized by the Council you can request to be moved up a rank. 
  • Volunteers (Initiate) 
    • Those who join to be a part of case studies, tests, and whatever else may be required of them. They are paid for their participation and discretion.

For security reasons, there is no publically accessible list of members. Even Council Members are unlisted. Only the Council knows of all the circle members. Circle members are allowed to disclose their participation of their own free will but it is asked that you do not mention others by name unless they have agreed prior. 

*Please contact me on discord (kamideviant#8784) to discuss your ranking in this circle! It is done based off of the role you want your character to play. If you don’t specify which ranking you would like you will be set to Orderly via default.