AGE: 407 yrs
HEIGHT: 9'03"
BUILD: Tall, thin


  • Speaks almost exclusively in riddles and metaphors.
  • Missing her right arm and half of one tail.
  • Has a glass shard embedded in her head.
  • More about her can be read on her toyhouse profile.

"I have many tongues, all of them silver and dipped in honey."

Caspian is an enigmatic woman of indeterminate age. The circlemaster of the Seekers, she spends much of her time charting the wilds and unearthing lost things. Though many know of her, few know the true motivations behind her stalwart quest for the truth of things, and it is unlikely that that will ever change. She has been a public figure for the majority of the past century, but it was only the recent delving into Immitheus's ruins that rocketed her from local figure to well-known rrex.

Caspian can be a frustrating person to speak to if you expect an easy answer. She speaks in riddles and metaphors, rarely (if ever) saying what she means directly. She is cold and often antagonistic, though her feelings towards most people rarely last past her current encounter with them. She accepts any who are willing to abide by the Seekers' rules into her circle, and she treats anyone that wears her badge like an ally. She pays well and treats her members fairly, but she is ruthless towards those she believes to bring needless harm.


Caspian was born on Mylic and spent her early life there. She has little memory of her time there, and most of her memories truly begin after her return to Orrison. She has spent the last several centuries searching for her missing wife with little progress.

Charting the way.
4763 Rep

The Seekers were established roughly 100 years ago. Their mission began with the intent to unearth and retrieve lost knowledge, artifacts, and magitech, but it quickly grew to encompass charting lost territory, excavating ruins, and rescuing missing adventurers. Their wish is to help others, whether that be by saving lost people or by filling some of the many gaps in the knowledge destroyed by the Senescence. As such, they disapprove of causing needless harm.

Members of the Seekers tend to be the brave or curious sort. They accept people from all walks of life, though scientists/researchers, explorers/survivalists, and witches are in highest demand. Some other common members are cartographers, cooks, and bookkeepers.

The founder of the circle is an enigmatic woman named Caspian whose motivations are unknown to the circle at large. However, it is plain to see that greed is not a factor, as the vast majority of artifacts the circle finds are either donated to other entities or safeguarded in the circle's vault. The Seekers work closely with the Composers Circle, often donating their magitech finds to the Composers for further investigation. They lock many of their more powerful or dangerous discoveries deep in the vault in the Seekers' base.


The Seekers have several subdivisions, each with their own leader to oversee their respective functions. Not every Seeker fits neatly into one of these groups, however, and they are only assigned to one of these teams if they apply to be. These delineations are as follows:

  • Caretakers - the chefs, medics, and scribes of the circle. They run the day-to-day operations at the Seekers' base and help provide support for its other members. One of their largest tasks is copying maps for distribution. The vault's guards also fall here. Some of these members accompany explorers on their expeditions to maintain temporary bases and support their explorations.
  • Explorers - members tasked with exploring lost ruins and mapping the wilderness. They are often in the field for long stretches of time, and most (if not all) of them are expected to chart detailed maps. They are paid well to wander and risk their safety by delving into untamed places, as well as to report interesting finds (such as magitech) instead of keeping them for themselves. More highly ranked explorers are also the people sent to safely extract discoveries.
  • Recordkeepers - members whose main duties focus on storing original maps, taking note of the magitech and artifacts in the circle's possession, organizing the vault, and keeping track of circlemembers' compensation. The leader and various veterans of the circle are also responsible for picking up Caspian's slack (especially with paperwork) when she inevitably disappears for months at a time on short notice.
  • Researchers - scientists whose focus lays on deciphering old texts and sometimes studying magitech or artifacts. This role also encompasses other types of academics, such as botanists or chemists. Researchers are expected to keep meticulous notes and to donate copies of them to their vault, though most of their accumulated knowledge has to do with survivalism and magitech.

The circle's completed maps are available for a nominal fee, and they sell them through both the Ichorrai Post and their own stalls in various settlements. The Seekers' base is between Kinstead and Terralai. They approve of both the High Circle and the Outer Circle, believing them to be necessary to the continued re-settling of Orrison.


Ranks up to veteran are free to request upon joining. If no rank is requested, one will be assigned based on character rep.

  • 00 - 25: Initiate
  • 26 - 99: Member
  • 100+ : Veteran
  • Leaders must be discussed with the circle creator, tysm!

In character, these ranks have to do with experience in their given division/the Seekers. Initiates are associates and trainees of the circle; they are promoted to full membership after their first successful "discovery" if they choose to be. Veterans are those members of the circle that have been successfully exploring for long spans of time, have proven themselves trustworthy and capable of overseeing others, or have been members of the circle for over ten years.