Freedom, no matter the cost.
1275 Rep

Members of the Outer Circle wish to support those living in the shadows of others, and to maintain freedom no matter the cost.

Many members tend to be mercenaries, scholars, adventurers, wanderers, hermits, and pariahs. They believe strongly in living in accordance of nature's rules, rather than trying to tame it-- to them, the ancient ruins are a warning, not a promise. They know the pros and cons of their environment and wish for others to see its blessings and live with its curses. The Outer Circle was created in response to the emergence of the High Circle, and strictly opposes over-regulation and bureaucracy. A member of the outer circle would never sell their freedom for comfort.

The Outer Circle is an Open Circle and is always accepting applicants. Members are automatically qualified for promotion based on their reputation:

  • Initiate - 0 Rep
  • Member - 10 Rep
  • Veteran - 50 Rep
  • Leader - 250 Rep
  • Founder - n/a