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Petrel can be found in the newly erected western camp set up in the plains to the west of the spire's lake. Tall grass has been trampled down to create a little clearing, where tents are stretched over dugouts in a very chimoraa fashion. One can choose to approach him at his tent in the afternoon, at the lake in the evening, or be simply going about their own tasks near the camp or in the wilds where Petrel can ambush them himself.

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Caspian was lured to the area by the promise of uncharted land and the discoveries that might be made here. She was one of many explorers to flood the area, though, and she'd be lying if she said her explorations had uncovered anything noteworthy thus far. Each map she's completed feels like a failure bouncing against her hip. She's never been one for mediocrity.

She's mostly avoided the more well-combed areas, forging her own path through the untouched fields and ruins, skirting the lake and the broken ribs of the Spire. But tonight, she sits beside an oil lamp and balances a half-drawn map on her knees. Easier to chart when she doesn't have to watch her own back, and easier still with a camp full of like-minded explorers to do the watching. She dips one claw in the inkwell beside her, scratching small lines over the page.

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Duska had been having an unfortunate time post-search. His plates and bones had a deep-seated itch to them ever since (mostly) recovering from fysa poisoning. His own dreams had been plagued with sea water and the ravenous earth, to say little of the dreams he's seen of other searchers. Prismarisma, his new buddy, had been sticking around lately and seemed to be interested in returning to Ynochrin with him. They were away at the moment, having made vague gestures towards the tent.

Duska, though, was sat by a fire. It was dark out but the light from the flames illuminated the carving knife and small piece of wood in his hands. There he sat, whittling away some sort of figure and trying to ignore the aches of his body as it seemingly changed and recovered. The seat next to him, open and warm.

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