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Evvy Talksprite

Otto's shyness seems to make Evvy more outgoing. Perhaps an attempt to put them at ease?

Aw yer e'scused. Your worries are appreciated- don't worry for us. The Undertaker's a professional mourner. He's seen the deaths of soo many others. He's seen the death of entire species, of the entire world!

Evvy seems to realize she's being a bit too cheery about something that's supposed to be solemn and serious, and clears her throat.

It's, uh, honestly a relief. Ynoch deserved rest-- she's back with Fys now. So you take care of yourselves now, yea?

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2020-11-03 03:12:53

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Otto grins nervously.

I will, thank you. I remembered what I'd like to speak with the Undertaker about, so if you don't mind I believe I will attempt to get an audience with him now. Ah- I don't mean any offense, of course! I'm glad you both are doing alright.

Otto steps politely back, seeking an audience with the Undertaker.

[OOC: I'd like to switch to a conversation with the Undertaker- this is just Otto ending this conversation. No reply is needed!]

2020-11-24 21:11:32