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Undertaker Talksprite

Evvy gives Khada an up-and-down glance, eyes lingering on the halo around his neck. If he's going to be remorselessly clear about his interest, she'll waste no time using her manners in turn. Still, she smiles crookedly, indicating her willingness to be pleasant regardless.

Oh, yea. The Undertaker knows some 'bout the Soul Lantern. We dunno when it was made or how, but it was meant to cheat death- no matter the cost. The creator was also its first inhabitant, and through it could possess the bodies of others. They would kill to fuel it, much like how it works still now. But they didn't know it was possible to be displaced-- a flaw in the artifact. Spirits would get replaced by other keen and equally greedy individuals who sought the lantern out. It would appear and disappear throughout history in various places, each time with a new slew of murders.

A pause for breath-- Evvy's words become more nuanced and pronounced as she falls into lecturing, using words more like those the Undertaker would use.

I'm sure kind people inhabited it here 'n there, but they were almost always replaced, and very quick.

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