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It's evident that Iphae is unamused by Evvy's response judging by the expression on his face alone. The bow saves her from a nasty comment but only for now.

The large leyr folds his arms across his chest as he gets settled. It's cold as hell but Iphae's feathers act as a fairly good insulator. He'd have to remember to wear warmer clothes if he ever flew this way again. Iphae tucks his wings in close, preserving what warmth he had.

Everyone's sad about the tree, huh? She died before, guess she's just officially dead now.

He knew how much Ynoch meant to the people of Orrison. He was just choosing to be an ignorant asshole.


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Evvy Talksprite

Aloof displays of uncaring can be a form of coping, sometimes. Evvy doesn't hold that against him.

You're right, it's much more of a loss to those who relied on her than for her herself. She's sleeping with Fys, now. Some could call that an ascension.

She cocks her head.

If you're not mourning, what are you here for?

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2020-11-05 06:01:30

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Iphae snorted in amusement.

Ascension, sure. I'd rather be alive and kicking than sleeping with some old God.

He turned his head and stared into the cavern, deep in thought. Now was as good of a time as ever. He didn't come all this way to turn around at the last moment and leave.

I'm here for some answers.

Iphae then left Evvy at the entrance, proceeding down into the cavern to seek out The Undertaker himself.


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