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Myrrh frowns deeper, his expression hard. A part of his brain wants to complain about not wanting to be saved, about how he couldn’t look to the future when he had his eyes so firmly to the past. He says none of that, his tail swishing behind him for a moment.

Understood. I apologize.

He’s quiet for a moment as he forces the tension to leave his face. He watches the ground to the side of them, too embarrassed to make eye contact.

How do you make a sacrifice like that worth it? I have plenty of experience handling death but this just seems... different.


2020-11-05 14:38:22

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Evvy's expression softens at Myrrh's respectful response.

Lucky for you, she wasn't sacrificin' herself for you alone-- you get to share the weight of that burden with th'whole city! And I think all she'd want is for us to keep surviving, the best we can. And maybe doing what we can to prevent another same-such tragedy.

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2020-11-06 04:13:12