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Gull lets out a nervous laugh out of Evvy’s first comment

I suppose so. And that’s quite alright, some folk try to cope with such humor yeah? But I’ve overheard some other folk talking about the this subspecies of Chimia? Uhhh....what were they again...

They roll their wrist looking up a tad to get their gears in his head working. Hearing the other people talk of Ynoch and her many children. While others spoke of stories they wanted to hear by the Undertaker before emerging their den. That’s when the Human’s head perks up

“Oh! Uhh Chimoraa was it? They had this...magic I believe.”

2020-11-07 18:17:15

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junijwi Staff Member

Evvy Talksprite

Well we all have magic, but I know whatcha mean-- you searching for soothsayers or something? They're a divine lot-- godfavored, or something.

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2020-11-08 05:30:59