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Whipstitch left the Undertaker after sitting with him for a while, other patrons came in so they took their leave. Their quills twitched at the thought of having to pass Evvy again. They had already rushed past to avoid letting the woman see them flush and bumble about. There was no dying that she was exceptionally beautiful and while Whipstitch was no stranger to being sought after they didn't know how to actually handle being truly attracted to someone. They had always felt a small disconnect about returning affections and it was rare for someone to actually make them want their attention. They wished talking was easier before taking a deep calming breath and approached Evvy.

For you.

They held a small bundle, inside was secured clumps of Clover. To many this was just your average plant but it was Whipstitch's favorite.

Bees love it, books mention its a symbol of...Ease. Comfort.

They tried to smile, it was not natural for them but they were also trying to mange their quills and trying to keep their shade down. They would absolutely die from embarrassment if Evvy could notice how vibrant their colors turned just from speaking a few words to her. This is why they hated crushes, they felt like an open book.

2020-11-09 10:38:56

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Evvy Talksprite


The grin freezes on Evvy's face as she looks in surprise at the gift. She's used to taking offerings for the Undertaker-- but for her? She reaches out for the bundle, then holds the clover up to her face for inspection. The smell of it is fresh and she seems to appreciate that.

I've never received clover before.

Evvy tries switching to Tolkan, to see if that might help the conversation move a little easier. The round sounds of the language are a little flat on her tongue, but she speaks it fluidly at least.

[Do you speak Tolkan? What's your name? I'm Evvy.]

She looks curious, more than anything.

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2020-11-10 03:18:05

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Whipstitch can't control the spike of excitement that went through them, their quills making it just more obvious. They were honestly amazed that someone would accommodate like this for them, they always got nasty looks about their language and it was just refreshing!

[I do. My caregiver made sure to teach me, I'm impressed with how good you sound. Have you had a lot of practice?]

They jolt as if forgetting something.

[Clover is very important to my bees. It can be hard to start, so I had to really hunt for it. However, once you have some their friends are sure to follow. I am Whipstitch, but you may call me Stio if you'd like.]

There is a playful flick of their antenna that anyone who has been around Tolka closely would interpret as a wink. Whipstitch seemed to be looser now that they were speaking in a familiar language they felt confident with.

[Are you doing alright out here? I have extra heating gel if you're cold.]

2020-11-10 11:31:45

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Evvy Talksprite

[The Undertaker normally doesn't talk much, and I act as translator.]

She seems pleased to see Stio's confidence rise with the switch in spoken language.

[Bees, hm? Cultivation takes a lot of time and care, that's impressive! It's hard to grow things up here, a lot of the things we do have are mushrooms grown in the mountain.]

A pause as Whipstitch turns their concern on Evvy-- she's not surprised though, and seems chuffed.

[Don't worry about me one whit! It's my Talent--]

To demonstrate, she holds up her hand and the air shimmers in rippling heat waves around it. It only lasts a few moments.

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2020-11-11 01:46:54

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[I see. I appreciated the kinship that came with his silence.]

Whipstitch's head tilted curiously.

[You can still grow plenty of hardy, cold season crops. Not many fruit but definitely leafy vegetables, root plants, and even herbs. If you plant them up against a wall, like with a house, they can even benefit from the left over heat that the wall collects. I also make plenty of deliveries with fresh produce, I normally have a big surplus. If you ever need anything.]

They did laugh as Evvy showed off their Talent. They seemed a little flustered.

[Ah! Forgive me for assuming. That is a wonderful Talent to have, and you seem like a more than capable being anyways.]

2020-11-11 10:18:33

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Evvy Talksprite

[Oh, you're a sweet thing. I should be the one asking you if you need warming up!]

Evvy beams, transparently pleased at the attention.

[You know, I can't say no to the offer of more food options up here, but also... teach a man to fish, and all that. I figure a cultivator must stay home a lot, but if you ever have time to teach, or write, or dictate, or type, or any of that, that would be invaluable-!]

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2020-11-12 04:07:40