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Syd's eyes go wide and their long ears perk up in surprise. They take Evvy's 'might be' as a definite yes.

Dad has a whole bunch of artifacts hidden away?! Awesome!

They suddenly slap a hand over their mouth, realizing how loud they were speaking in their excitement.

Oh, oops. But anyway, I'll keep it secret, don't worry! Last thing you all need is a bunch of treasure hunters trying to raid this place, right?

...I guess dad could just eat them, though.


2020-11-21 02:17:05

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Ssssure you will, bud!

Evvy doesn't seem too concerned... The unfortunate truth is people don't always believe in children as much as they should, but so it went.

Don't forget he's got us here for him, too.

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2020-11-23 23:02:28