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Comment here to choose sides.

2021-02-22 23:37:18 (Edited 2021-02-22 23:39:17)

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Comment here to rally behind Ichorrai!

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Ayroehl was nearly buzzing with nervous energy, checking over the buckles and straps on Jinx's gear for the sixth time that hour. Jesses, ankle straps, the small cap that helped keep her calm...back and forth between each of her birds, she busied herself with making silent preparation, her artificial halo for once not the angry, spiked ring it had been for the past week. The change was almost jarring.

2021-02-23 06:02:29

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Remaining neutral had been the plan of both Iphae and Seethe. While both of them had contacts in Ichorrai and did most of their work from the city in question, neither wanted to get involved in the politics of this war. But the talk of a grand battle was tempting. Especially to Seethe.

We should make an exception for this one fight Seethe was quick to suggest once word reached his ears.

What for? Seems like more trouble than it's worth. Iphae wasn't convinced.

The skiving immanu elbowed his leyr companion in the side. To the victor go the spoils. That could be you and I big guy. Send those pesky rodents scurrying back to their dingy hole in the ground and I'm sure Aelius will be quick to hand out rewards.

Hmph. Iphae responded indignantly. And if Ichorrai loses?

Seethe clasped his hands together, a grin spreading across his lips. Ah well, there will be plenty of corpses to pick over nonetheless. We'll gather what we can and take to the wind.

2021-02-23 16:05:46

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even though my character has been going with the ynochrin path in prompts so far, I'm going to support ichorrai!

Veraiddhel is staying out of things, he's very alarmed by what he's heard about the state of Ichorrai but he doesn't want to fight for the chimoraa either. In truth, he really just wishes this wasn't happening at all... but since it is, he's hoping to find safety in Immitheus.

2021-02-25 13:08:02

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Ruin was ready to fight. He wore an old pauldron over his left shoulder, with matching worn bracers and shin guards. Strapped to his back were a pair of short swords, crafted out of a black metal, and sheathed in red treated leather. Their pommels were shaped like old earth animals whos names were now forgotten.

His tail twitches with anticipation as he moves about with the assembled Aegis. He moves with the same sense of presence as the they do, patrolling the perimeter with the guards, keeping an eye on the horizon. He doesn't speak to anyone who tries to address him, taking everything seriously, which is new for any who know him. His motives are his own, though prior to this event, he has mentioned a love for fighting.

He comes to see the outcome of this battle, and to lay his swords down upon history in the making.

2021-02-26 21:46:13

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Arron stands with Ichorrai, his home. As a member of the Aegis, he would not dare turn his back on his fellow guardians or Aelius. He hurries to Kinstead, ready to defend the outpost.

2021-02-27 21:55:41

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Chichindra stands with Ichorrai because she grew up there and sees it as her home. While she cannot fight she has her own childish respect of Aelius and will do what she can to help in the war effort.

Hen also sees Ichorrai as his home, despite leaning towards the more neutral side, it's where he was raised and he doesn't trust the chimoraa at all.

Overall I stand with Ichorrai!!

2021-02-28 19:19:22

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It's not that I necessarily believe Ichorrai is flawless. This city is full of things I disapprove of, and I'd be a fool to say there aren't parts of the Chimoraa prophecy that I agree with...

She shifts uncomfortably, falling into thoughtful silence for a time.

But I want to be where I can be of the most help. And I think that's here. I believe in Aelius, at the very least.

She lowers her voice.

It's caused some strife in my, um, relationship. But even the people I know who don't support Ichorrai aren't eager to throw their weight behind the Chimoraa. This has to be the best choice of the ones we have, I'm sure of it.


2021-03-01 17:08:02

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Ooc but i'll be siding with Ichorrai!

2021-03-02 20:15:56

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Comment here to rally behind Ynochrin!

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Entering for my underground city fam 😔😔

GULL: Gull was never the one to like war or fighting in general. Ever since the whole ordeal with the upcoming war Gull was- well...not so keen on any side but Choose Ynochrin deeming they are more of a ‘peaceful’ part of this war. Seems not since there’s always two battling sides.

DECLAN: Declan of course was born and raised in Ynochrin so wouldn’t hesitate to help defend or even attack those who threaten their home. So Declan wouldn’t hesitate to release the Murkhounds of so many underground depths for his people.

2021-02-22 23:53:38


RUE: I know I've been selfish in the past but- I trust the Chimoraa. By joining their side, this is my chance to help heal the world for once instead of hiding away.

2021-02-23 06:26:30

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"I've already thrown my lot in with th' Chimoraa, I ain't backin' out now. Do I trust the lil' rats? Hell no. They've got their own motives for doin' this, but so do I. I wanna knock Ichorrai down a peg. It's one of them, uh... 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' sorta deal."

2021-02-24 02:08:09

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In the right place this time!

Minmorin frowned, rocking on his heels with nervous worry. He was against at this war with every sliver of his being, but he really had no say in the matter. He had no hand for divination, but his friends, neighbors, family were all tied into this battle, and deep in his bones, he feared harm would befall any of them. And so, despite a heaviness in his heart and dread broiling in his gut, he armed himself for battle.

2021-02-24 22:45:25

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Duska takes a deep breath before opening his eyes. He has a steely expression.

"Even if I don't know the full scope of why we went to war, I trust my family's decision and I will not hesitate to defend my people. My loyalty lies firmly with the Chimorra and Ynochrin. I am not the most skilled of my family but I will not hide in these caves when I am capable of assisting on the battlefield."

2021-03-05 01:36:17

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RHOESAIA: If it weren't for the fact that no warrior-oriented circle would accept me, I'd likely be rallying behind Icchorai right now. But that's not the case... the Chimoraa are kind, and even if they are just trying to diminish the amount of numbers they have to fight... so be it. I'd rather stand for someone who supports me rather than fight for a cause I don't believe in.

RHOESAIA: ...Also I dislike how classist Icchorai seems. It's just not for me... I hope to get in on the action but I don't expect to. Whatever happens, happens.

2021-03-08 02:59:58 (Edited 2021-03-08 03:00:41)

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Entering Luma to back Ynochrin! She's been working nonstop at her forge though she isn't happy about the reasons. :)

2021-03-08 23:49:02