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Comment here to search beneath Immitheus.

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Fleeing from Ichorrai had not been easy for a multitude of reasons. The first and foremost being that Arthur had to leave behind his home, a tower he had rebuilt brick by brick a few centuries ago. The second being the struggle of relocating, not just the emotional toll but the physical toll. Arthur had collected many things over the years, be it items of interest, tools to aid his research, or simply the hundreds upon hundreds of tomes he and Percy had written by hand.

But they had managed, with the help of dedicated members of Icarus' Eye. All of Arthur's belongings had been loaded onto a boat and soon after they set sail for Immitheus.

Upon arriving, it was time to search for a suitable place to call home. Hopefully a tower similar to Arthur's old one. Change wasn't exactly easy for him to handle.


2021-02-23 14:32:53

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Though many of the white spires of the city are broken or in disarray, with assistance Arthur is able to make one of the functioning towards liveable again. Others are more than happy to let him keep it due to Arthur's reputation, and he finds himself with a view of the entire city and the coast line for miles.

In clearing out the tower, Arthur also finds himself with some interesting specimens of flora.

[You found 2 small plants]

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Rue's journey was luckily aided by the help of her relatively newly adopted Rike, whose sixth sense and surefootedness helped her make it across many of the old roads. Honeysuckle kept watch over her and the small group she traveled with hesitantly. Despite her hesitance, Immetheus still offered knowledge she couldn't turn down.

2021-02-23 16:15:55

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Rue and her companions are able to help those of the group they travel with, and those travellers likewise offer her compensation for her help.

[You found 2 heavy ore and 2 esse]

2021-03-08 22:09:48

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Soka odd one, to say the least, but his somewhat-mysterious abilities proved quite useful. The chimoraa lent his talents for astral projection to scout out buildings that seemed less stable, and with his knowledge of architecture was able to warn others away from those that might collapse, and guide those more mechanically inclined in stabilizing those that could be salvaged. No people or animals were harmed in the making of this settlement.

2021-02-23 17:41:21

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Soka's abilities are extremely useful in the re-settlement of Immitheus. It's Soka who finds the first mechanism-- a hidden pathway from the base of one spire which leads to what seems like it might be a generator. After letting others know, identical rooms are found beneath each of the spires in the city.

[You found 1 supple hide]

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Ramsys touched down in the outer edges of the old ruins. This place, regaining life after so very long, was... odd to see. But he felt like this would be the best place for him. Running information back and forth between the two sides was a dangerous game he was playing, and he knew that, eventually, he would pay for it. But he longed to understand, he needed to know the true motives behind the two... not that he had uncovered much. They held as much distrust for him as they did for them. And now a true battle was brewing, one he could not involve himself in. He would not choose a side, and it would be ever more obvious that he held no loyalty. So instead he came here to give him an alibi. Besides, he may find something interesting.

2021-02-24 22:52:47

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Ramsys searches the ruins, and stumbles into several traps. Witnesses see him successfully escape or dodge the magical security of the city, thankfully unscathed, and his experience helps others avoid a similar fate.

[You gained 10 reputation]

2021-03-08 22:22:05

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After touching down near the old ruins of Immitheus with rook, the duo both master and companion were- skeptical fo this place. Gull with ease drops down hard on his knees though as Rook gives a low rumble in its throat which Gull gave a gentle rub of the Vexmyth’s flank before walking off studying everything.

This ought to be some place truly. And it’s time to make a small settlement here for either it’s much hidden lore or for a new safer home within this rising war of tensions.

2021-02-25 10:58:17

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Gull sees the city from a bird's eye view, with the spires arranged in a circle. The roads between them form a ten pointed star- or he supposes, it would, if the southern half of the city hadn't dropped into the sea. Unlike Ichorrai, Immitheus seems to be built tall, and the harbor exists on the western-most and eastern-most slopes of the outer city. The center of it protrudes far out into the water.

[You gained 3 Esse and 1 Small Plant]

2021-03-08 22:40:09

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Veraiddhel dismounted from his trite, Serreis, as they reached the ruins of Immitheus. Serreis stamped her feet and hissed in protest, ever the mother-hen, but a soothing gesture from Veraiddhel quieted her, and not long after, his mockhund, Ellyra, arrived as well, following their trail.

They set off together, falling into step with Serreis slightly behind Veraiddhel, her head almost casting a shadow over the small leyr, and Ellyra slightly in front, sniffing around and occasionally alerting to odd scents. The group had lived in the wilds for a long time, and knew how to keep safe and protect each other.

(Veraiddhel, MYO-046, is the one searching, with Ellyra, CMP-041, helping scout and Serreis, CMP-040, mostly just hovering protectively.)

2021-02-25 12:59:39

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The city is absolutely full of wild life-- including fauna, which has yet to clear the area. Veraiddhel and their companions come across plenty of food, for themselves and for others as well.

[You gained 2 Small Creatures and 3 Scrap]

2021-03-08 22:46:40

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Lo'ahm doesn't really understand what all these people are doing at Immitheus suddenly. They spend the vast majority of their time in the wilderness in the company of animals and plants, and the goings-on of civilization are a mystery to them. The group of refugees appearing at the ruins are the first they've heard of this war between Ynochrin and Ichorrai. Nevertheless, they want to help, so they delve into the old, forgotten parts of Immitheus and look for anything useful to the newcomers, with the help of their little leerling companion.

2021-02-25 20:48:19

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Lo'ahm's leerling runs into trouble with predators, but Lo'ahm themselves is able to scare them off easily.

[You gained Sharp Fangs and 1 Small Creature]

2021-03-08 22:49:26

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The journey to Immitheus was long, but Lithira was used to travel through the wilds. The real challenge would be to make this place habitable again. Upon arrival, she looked at the many people busily working to clear rubble and set up temporary homes. She had no experience with this sort of thing. In the face of uncertainty, she turned to what she does know: combing the ruins for something useful.

2021-02-27 22:13:02

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Lithira is familiar with traversing ruins and finding the flow through infrastructure-- she locates several vaults, and though she isn't able to get in, she lets others know.

[You gained 1 light bones]

2021-03-08 23:46:38

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Overwhelmed by curiosity, Zeffer quickly makes his way to Immitheus, mostly just to see and survey it, but partly to scavenge for anything useful. With his trusty pipepests sent out to sniff around, he began to investigate as well, careful to remain alert. There were surely others around, and with the war looming, he didn't want to get caught up in any conflict while he was treasure hunting.

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Oz didn't know what to do with how... open the air above him was up here. The -- he'd heard it called a sky -- was so exposed. It made him feel watched, like anything could appear suddenly and get him.

And the rain (that was a word he'd only heard in nursery rhymes and bedtime stories) was more jarring than he'd expected, more like a bucket of water dumped on his head than the dewdrops that occasionally dripped on his nose back home.

He wasn't complaining, really, it was just more to explore.

He'd accompanied the refugees out here mostly to keep them safe and scout the area, but seeing the ruins for himself had his paws positively itching for a chance to rummage through some of the wreckage. He had plenty of techy cousins he was sure would go wild for some of the stuff half-buried around here, even if the thought of approaching Luma in particular with some old relic made him more nervous than he'd like to admit.

It was after just a tick of hesitation that he ducked into one of the derelict structures. The tile that must've served as floor had long given way to tree roots and packed earth. Oz had nearly passed into the next room when the subtle sound of scrabbling claws caught his attention. Flicking one ear, he turned around and stared intently at the dirt. He recognized the sound -- they had molms back home, too, after all -- but he somehow hadn't expected them to exist up here.

Impulsively, he shoved his hand into a mound of semi-broken dirt, returning triumphantly with a wriggly mammal. The creature he'd snatched squeaked in outrage. He'd caught a lot of these guys in the same way in the past. With a snort, Oz let it go. The molm disappeared into the earth again quickly, but his own had stirred in his bag at the commotion.

"You awake?" He cooed as it poked its nose out from the flap, sniffing curiously. Oz pet its head idly. "Hope you're ready to dig. I saw something funky in the next room..."


2021-03-01 17:25:59