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Comment here to rally behind Ynochrin!

2021-02-22 23:39:42 (Edited 2021-02-22 23:39:50)

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Entering for my underground city fam 😔😔

GULL: Gull was never the one to like war or fighting in general. Ever since the whole ordeal with the upcoming war Gull was- well...not so keen on any side but Choose Ynochrin deeming they are more of a ‘peaceful’ part of this war. Seems not since there’s always two battling sides.

DECLAN: Declan of course was born and raised in Ynochrin so wouldn’t hesitate to help defend or even attack those who threaten their home. So Declan wouldn’t hesitate to release the Murkhounds of so many underground depths for his people.

2021-02-22 23:53:38


RUE: I know I've been selfish in the past but- I trust the Chimoraa. By joining their side, this is my chance to help heal the world for once instead of hiding away.

2021-02-23 06:26:30

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"I've already thrown my lot in with th' Chimoraa, I ain't backin' out now. Do I trust the lil' rats? Hell no. They've got their own motives for doin' this, but so do I. I wanna knock Ichorrai down a peg. It's one of them, uh... 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' sorta deal."

2021-02-24 02:08:09

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In the right place this time!

Minmorin frowned, rocking on his heels with nervous worry. He was against at this war with every sliver of his being, but he really had no say in the matter. He had no hand for divination, but his friends, neighbors, family were all tied into this battle, and deep in his bones, he feared harm would befall any of them. And so, despite a heaviness in his heart and dread broiling in his gut, he armed himself for battle.

2021-02-24 22:45:25

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Duska takes a deep breath before opening his eyes. He has a steely expression.

"Even if I don't know the full scope of why we went to war, I trust my family's decision and I will not hesitate to defend my people. My loyalty lies firmly with the Chimorra and Ynochrin. I am not the most skilled of my family but I will not hide in these caves when I am capable of assisting on the battlefield."

2021-03-05 01:36:17

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RHOESAIA: If it weren't for the fact that no warrior-oriented circle would accept me, I'd likely be rallying behind Icchorai right now. But that's not the case... the Chimoraa are kind, and even if they are just trying to diminish the amount of numbers they have to fight... so be it. I'd rather stand for someone who supports me rather than fight for a cause I don't believe in.

RHOESAIA: ...Also I dislike how classist Icchorai seems. It's just not for me... I hope to get in on the action but I don't expect to. Whatever happens, happens.

2021-03-08 02:59:58 (Edited 2021-03-08 03:00:41)

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Entering Luma to back Ynochrin! She's been working nonstop at her forge though she isn't happy about the reasons. :)

2021-03-08 23:49:02