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Fleeing from Ichorrai had not been easy for a multitude of reasons. The first and foremost being that Arthur had to leave behind his home, a tower he had rebuilt brick by brick a few centuries ago. The second being the struggle of relocating, not just the emotional toll but the physical toll. Arthur had collected many things over the years, be it items of interest, tools to aid his research, or simply the hundreds upon hundreds of tomes he and Percy had written by hand.

But they had managed, with the help of dedicated members of Icarus' Eye. All of Arthur's belongings had been loaded onto a boat and soon after they set sail for Immitheus.

Upon arriving, it was time to search for a suitable place to call home. Hopefully a tower similar to Arthur's old one. Change wasn't exactly easy for him to handle.


2021-02-23 14:32:53

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Though many of the white spires of the city are broken or in disarray, with assistance Arthur is able to make one of the functioning towards liveable again. Others are more than happy to let him keep it due to Arthur's reputation, and he finds himself with a view of the entire city and the coast line for miles.

In clearing out the tower, Arthur also finds himself with some interesting specimens of flora.

[You found 2 small plants]

2021-03-08 22:06:29