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Ramsys touched down in the outer edges of the old ruins. This place, regaining life after so very long, was... odd to see. But he felt like this would be the best place for him. Running information back and forth between the two sides was a dangerous game he was playing, and he knew that, eventually, he would pay for it. But he longed to understand, he needed to know the true motives behind the two... not that he had uncovered much. They held as much distrust for him as they did for them. And now a true battle was brewing, one he could not involve himself in. He would not choose a side, and it would be ever more obvious that he held no loyalty. So instead he came here to give him an alibi. Besides, he may find something interesting.

2021-02-24 22:52:47

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Ramsys searches the ruins, and stumbles into several traps. Witnesses see him successfully escape or dodge the magical security of the city, thankfully unscathed, and his experience helps others avoid a similar fate.

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2021-03-08 22:22:05