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After touching down near the old ruins of Immitheus with rook, the duo both master and companion were- skeptical fo this place. Gull with ease drops down hard on his knees though as Rook gives a low rumble in its throat which Gull gave a gentle rub of the Vexmyth’s flank before walking off studying everything.

This ought to be some place truly. And it’s time to make a small settlement here for either it’s much hidden lore or for a new safer home within this rising war of tensions.

2021-02-25 10:58:17

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junijwi Staff Member

Gull sees the city from a bird's eye view, with the spires arranged in a circle. The roads between them form a ten pointed star- or he supposes, it would, if the southern half of the city hadn't dropped into the sea. Unlike Ichorrai, Immitheus seems to be built tall, and the harbor exists on the western-most and eastern-most slopes of the outer city. The center of it protrudes far out into the water.

[You gained 3 Esse and 1 Small Plant]

2021-03-08 22:40:09