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Veraiddhel dismounted from his trite, Serreis, as they reached the ruins of Immitheus. Serreis stamped her feet and hissed in protest, ever the mother-hen, but a soothing gesture from Veraiddhel quieted her, and not long after, his mockhund, Ellyra, arrived as well, following their trail.

They set off together, falling into step with Serreis slightly behind Veraiddhel, her head almost casting a shadow over the small leyr, and Ellyra slightly in front, sniffing around and occasionally alerting to odd scents. The group had lived in the wilds for a long time, and knew how to keep safe and protect each other.

(Veraiddhel, MYO-046, is the one searching, with Ellyra, CMP-041, helping scout and Serreis, CMP-040, mostly just hovering protectively.)

2021-02-25 12:59:39

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The city is absolutely full of wild life-- including fauna, which has yet to clear the area. Veraiddhel and their companions come across plenty of food, for themselves and for others as well.

[You gained 2 Small Creatures and 3 Scrap]

2021-03-08 22:46:40