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Lo'ahm doesn't really understand what all these people are doing at Immitheus suddenly. They spend the vast majority of their time in the wilderness in the company of animals and plants, and the goings-on of civilization are a mystery to them. The group of refugees appearing at the ruins are the first they've heard of this war between Ynochrin and Ichorrai. Nevertheless, they want to help, so they delve into the old, forgotten parts of Immitheus and look for anything useful to the newcomers, with the help of their little leerling companion.

2021-02-25 20:48:19

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junijwi Staff Member

Lo'ahm's leerling runs into trouble with predators, but Lo'ahm themselves is able to scare them off easily.

[You gained Sharp Fangs and 1 Small Creature]

2021-03-08 22:49:26