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Ruin was ready to fight. He wore an old pauldron over his left shoulder, with matching worn bracers and shin guards. Strapped to his back were a pair of short swords, crafted out of a black metal, and sheathed in red treated leather. Their pommels were shaped like old earth animals whos names were now forgotten.

His tail twitches with anticipation as he moves about with the assembled Aegis. He moves with the same sense of presence as the they do, patrolling the perimeter with the guards, keeping an eye on the horizon. He doesn't speak to anyone who tries to address him, taking everything seriously, which is new for any who know him. His motives are his own, though prior to this event, he has mentioned a love for fighting.

He comes to see the outcome of this battle, and to lay his swords down upon history in the making.

2021-02-26 21:46:13