the alliances of orrison

The Network

In the face of uncertainty and danger, the Bounty Network rose into prominence. The network serves as a giant odd-jobs bulletin board, where people known as coursers can find work helping out other less capable folk. Requests usually involve obtaining rare materials, forays into unexplored territory, or assistance with the wild flora and fauna in the world. The network also finances cartography excursions, paid by various merchant guilds for the establishment of safe trade routes.

This is a job that requires a lot of adventuring. It suits those with wanderlust and the ability to protect themselves and others. While many who join the network do it to help others, many others do it solely for the perks of reputation and money. Membership may also cause coursers to gain many personal requests just by letting towns know that their services are available.

The Guilds

Within the bounty network, there are three guilds. Each guild has an overarching purpose, and inside each guild is any number of sub-guilds called ‘circles’. Members are able to create their own circles and must affiliate their circle with one of the guilds. A circle's members and purpose may not fit neatly into a guild, but they tend to join the guild that best serves their goals as far as providing resources go.


Circles are "sub guilds" or "companies”-- circles normally have their own unique names including the world Circle (ex: Thorn's Circle, Circle of Storm) and can range from a company of a single individual to a company of a few hundred people. Many circles have their own agendas and tasks (ex: A cartographer's circle solely dedicated to exploring new regions).

Members of circles don’t have to exactly match the purpose of the guilds-- it is more of a guideline. For example, a merchant’s guild circle can include an accountant, a merchant, a caravan guard, a supplier, and an entertainer-- even if the entertainer might be considered an artisan, or guard considered a mercenary.

Establishing a Circle

Anyone can start a circle, and members can have numerous circles for their characters. To enter your circle into the network, you must have a circle name, emblem, and summary. Emblems traditionally incorporate circles, but this is not required. Emblems should remain close to the parent guild's color, but you can change hue and saturation. Acceptable color examples are listed in each guild's page. If you are unable to create an emblem, you can simply use the parent guild's emblem.

Create and manage your circle here. Only the creator of the circle can manage the circle, but anyone can request to have characters added.

Character ranks are entirely flavortext and do not give management abilities in a circle. A circle's information will appear on a character's masterlist profile.

Circle of Orrison

Those who are not in any guild or circle are able to still participate in the network by calling themselves a member of the "Circle of Orrison", a way of stating that one is a member of 'the world'.