High Circle

Order out of chaos.
870 Rep

Members of the High Circle wish to tame the wilderness and create order out of chaos, bringing peace to all.

Many members tend to be traders, merchants, and occasionally scholars and mercenaries. Many members of the High Circle have high interest in establishing laws, tariffs, and other such legal systems, hence their main association with the trader's guild. Allies likewise tend to be aspiring sentinels (town leaders). They invest strongly in ancient research, hoping to re-establish the comforts and practices of technomagy long believed dead.

The High Circle is an Open Circle and is always accepting applicants. Members are automatically qualified for promotion based on their reputation:

  • Initiate - 0 Rep
  • Member - 10 Rep
  • Veteran - 50 Rep
  • Leader - 250 Rep
  • Founder - n/a


Username Character Guild Role Rep
junijwi OFF-099: Aelius Founder 0
maria MYO-018: Jet Leader 250
kamikins CST-008: Arthur Quill Leader 470
samrathiel MYO-094: Vesper Veteran 50
kamikins MYO-154: Crivio Veteran 50
kamikins MYO-028: Jubilee Initiate 50
ventus MYO-174: Haliya Initiate 0
violetskies OFF-225: Kakai Initiate 0
8 members found.