Icarus' Eye

Rising up from the darkness.
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Members of Icarus' Eye dedicate their life to furthering and protecting the knowledge of Orrison.

Founded 300 years ago when Arthur Quill established his Tower in Ichorrai. He decided to devote his life to rediscovering all the knowledge of Orrison as well as the safe study and containment of dangerous artifacts. Icarus' Eye is a very selective guild and rarely allows members to join.

Those who are allowed to join Icarus's Eye explore the vast and forgotten lands of Orrison with the goal of ascertaining all the lost knowledge that they can. Their discoveries and research are recorded, stored, and protected. Copies of these written works are published and distributed to The Archivist and The Scholars Guild. The public has access to this information and can order copies of the books for a small fee.

Members in this guild are often scholars from a wide variety of specializations. The guild also encourages young folk or the less experienced to join as scribes and undergo apprenticeships. Until you finish your apprenticeship you are considered an initiate and your interaction with the more dangerous aspects of the guild is forbidden. Often initiates are banned from going on more dangerous expeditions and are given easier tasks like copying texts and doing research around the tower. Once your mentor approves, you can join as an official member and these bans are lifted.

Higher ranking members work to study, contain and protect magical artifacts. This mainly includes artifacts that have the potential to cause great harm to life on the planet but once they come across an artifact, no matter how harmless it may be, it never leaves their watchful gaze.

Only Senior Members have access to the vault where artifacts are kept. Currently, there is only one senior member, the founder Arthur Quill himself.

This circle often employs members from both the Mercenary’s Guild and Scholar’s Guild for assistance out in the field.

  • Initiate - 0 Rep
  • Apprentice (Member) - 50 Rep
  • Member (Veteran) - 100 Rep
  • Senior Member - must be discussed


Username Character Guild Role Rep
kamikins CST-008: Arthur Quill Founder 470
kamikins MYO-011: Percival Leader 65
kamikins MYO-010: Acacius Veteran 15
aqueousDreamer MYO-048: Lohrian Member 50
maria MYO-018: Jet Member 289
samrathiel MYO-077: Rhea Member 50
tamthing MYO-062: Rylan Initiate 0
mattedcrow CST-003: Reylaitis Initiate 30
FlyingloafofBread MYO-052: Dakamorira Initiate 25
FlyingloafofBread MYO-030: Loops Initiate 27
10 members found.