Freedom, no matter the cost.
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Members of the Outer Circle wish to support those living in the shadows of others, and to maintain freedom no matter the cost.

Many members tend to be mercenaries, scholars, adventurers, wanderers, hermits, and pariahs. They believe strongly in living in accordance of nature's rules, rather than trying to tame it-- to them, the ancient ruins are a warning, not a promise. They know the pros and cons of their environment and wish for others to see its blessings and live with its curses. The Outer Circle was created in response to the emergence of the High Circle, and strictly opposes over-regulation and bureaucracy. A member of the outer circle would never sell their freedom for comfort.

The Outer Circle is an Open Circle and is always accepting applicants. Members are automatically qualified for promotion based on their reputation:

  • Initiate - 0 Rep
  • Member - 10 Rep
  • Veteran - 50 Rep
  • Leader - 250 Rep
  • Founder - n/a
A pound of flesh for an ounce of esse.
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In Orrison's wilds, off the beaten path from Ichorrai, stands the work of the luto Orri'Raih'Rah-Lu'Nim-Rahl'Ail. Having gutted the ruins of past civilization years earlier, Orri'Raih'Rah built it back up again and now uses the location to run what they refer to as 'tourneys.' 

There are two different types of tourneys that are run. 

The first kind is the most common. Run up to a few times a night (with the highest amount being run when there are a particularly large number of fighters available), these are normally 1v1 fights. They’re fought by voluntary fighters for a prize typically consisting of esse. By default, they’re fought to major injury, though if both fighters consent then it can be done to the death with increased rewards to the winner. 

The second kind is run once or twice a month and tends to vary heavily in structure. The number of combatants, the weapons available, the terrain, and the rules vary. It’s not entirely clear where many of the fighters involved in these come from, though the general viewers of these types of fights don’t seem to care very much.

Betting on these fights is both allowed and encouraged, with a cut of the funds going to the prize pool for the winner. 

Occasionally, Orri'Raih'Rah will attempt to turn deceased fighters into luto, though why they do this and what criteria they follow for their choice is unclear.


  • Lu'Nim - (Knowledgeable of the Other) - A title only held by the highest ranked. Currently, this consists of Orri'Raih'Rah itself. - [Founder]

  • Los'Rii - (Handler of the Novice) - Gamemasters. Those trusted enough to help run the tourneys. They will often be in charge of things behind the scenes, including but not limited to working as bookmakers and assisting fighters. - [Leader]

  • Sen'Reu - (Aged in Fire) - Higher ranking fighters. They typically are frequent winners in normal fights or those who have survived the more random tourneys. - [Vetern]

  • Rii'Tul - (Child of Dirt)  - Low ranking and new fighters. This tends to apply to fighters who have only won a few matches or those who tend to lose often. - [Member]

  • Nimmo'Ellei - (Unnamed Wanderer) - Used to refer to the lowest ranked, these tend to be watchers, new fighters who haven't gained renown, or others of similarly low involvement. - [Initiate]

Titles are retained even after inactivity in the circle.

feel free to @ or dm me (countrygangrel) about placement and backstory connections! also feel free to use as part of character's backstory :)

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Protection, for a price.
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A secretive yet prestigious Circle, with ties to the council. Evenstar's Beacons provide skilled labour, prioritizing Assassins, skilled fighters, and anyone with unique talents. The weird and macabre are not shunned here, the only thing that is absolutely required is unquestioning loyalty to the circle's leader.  Maintain that loyalty, and you will be rewarded generously! Jobs typically involve making people disappear, collecting debts and bounties, protecting businesses, land, and people of high standing. Prices tend to run higher than standard mercenary guild jobs, but that comes with the guarantee that you receive only the best service. 

Weakness will not be tolerated here. 

Violence begets violence; blood begets blood.
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Established in 310 A.o.R., the Sword of Kheir is a relatively new group in comparison to others. Comprised of penitent rrex and few others with similar beliefs, they are united in worship of Kheir and their demiurge, David, as Her reincarnation. Their goals, beyond simple worship, are to spread their faith and make it a more mainstream and accepted religion. Their success doing this is, thus far, debatable.

They are strict in their following of the penitent faith and, despite their name and position as a mercenary circle, they will not start fights, instead opting for swiftly ending them. They are not shy when it comes to violence and often go through training in the initiation process. They offer their services as protection on a sliding scale, often doing work at a loss for the needy. They are more focused on spreading the word rather than on collecting wealth and it's unclear where much of the circle's monetary inflow comes from.

They tend to wear clothing with their circle’s symbol on it and use weapons they provide. While it’s optional to crop their ears and tail, it’s pushed on rrex members even if not forced. All but the demiurge are barred from showing their halos and she shows her halo very rarely.



  • Demiurge - Kheir reincarnated
  • Vicar - Kheir's speaker. Formed the group originally and currently does most of the actual directing of it
  • Knight - Above acolytes and recognized for their skill. These are the higher ranking fighters and defenders of the group, usually with seniority
  • Acolyte - Normal members of the group
  • Initiate - Those first joining and yet to be properly initiated
Three cheers for ghosts who rattle the cages at night.
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This is a circle of adventurers, who sail the sea or sneak through the woods setting cages as they go. A Ghost Trapper is well versed in traps - cages, snares, wires, the whole shebang. They study nonlethal methods of hunting and employ them in the field. Ghost Trappers bring back live catch, most often crustaceans, shellfish, rabbits, mice, and other small prey animals. They are also well known for catching feral daemons and keeping the daemon population of their hunting grounds clear of infestation. One can find them hawking daemon parts and yesterday's catch at marketplaces.

However, the Ghost Trappers operate under the cloak of the night. When the sun goes down, all the Ghosts come out to play. This ring is most active in the dead of night, and almost all its members seem to vanish with the light of dawn. They are fiercely secretive of all circle activities, and seem fond of running people out of their territories if a member takes offense. As such, the circle is hard to find, and even harder to employ. The Ghost Trappers keep to themselves, and watch outsiders with wary eyes.

Why the need for secrecy? To which the Ghosts say, "Why not?"

  • Initiate: You perform basic circle tasks like fish, hunt, and fight daemons when called. Your responsibility is low and you are mostly free to do as you wish as long as you don't break circle rules. You may work night or day shift at your discretion. Mostly, you exist tangentially to the circle. Veterans keep an eye on your conduct, and if they find you lacking, they have no qualms cuting you free. Break the rule of secrecy with what little information you know and you're gone. At this rank, you have no idea who the leaders are, and no one's telling you.
  • Member: Your actions have brought you to the notice of the circle veterans. The circle ranks member and above may gather together to hold a formal welcoming for you. Your tasks in this rank are the basic tasks, but you may also be called upon to sail alongside veterans on expeditions and fight larger daemon infestations. You are generally assigned a shift to work in, but it's up to you. Generally there are no repeat rulebreakers at this rank, as promotion is a display of trust. The consequences for breaking that trust may be dire.
  • Veteran: You have put in your hours with the circle. This is less of a rank and more of an acknowledgement. Sometime along the line, you were introduced to one of the leaders, and they liked you. As a veteran, your responsibilities go from tasks to leading small parties. You are trusted to know how to do your job and beyond shifts and check-ins, you're left to do your work. You join the family as a member, the leaders adopt you as their own as a veteran. You've around long enough to know the inside jokes and secrets.
  • Leader: The ones in charge of running the entire circle. There are five, and they are the ones who give the final judgement in any scenario. This circle is their life, and they give all they are to the night.
    • Saberr, a Rrex, is the boisterious expedition leader. She is in charge of the putting together the crews and charting the way.
    • Nausikaa, a Human, is the logical huntsmaster. He schedules shifts, hands out assignments, and oversees the trapping areas.
    • Kebibeki, a Chimia, is the no-nonsense treasurer. He handles the money, keeps the circle running, and sells catch on the markets.
    • Kalotola, a Tolka, is the stoic ship captain. He directly oversees the other leaders, and determines the course the circle will take.
    • Vaerlemalang or otherwise called Spook, a Ptheran, seem to be a leader who's responsible for daemon-hunting, but you're not sure.

This circle will be run as a "mini-storyline" with Bulletin Board prompts and RPs hosted by thewolvenhall (circle owner). The storyline will progress in chapters and acts. Characters will be able to rank up through progression in the circle's storyline.

The Ghost Trappers storyline is currently under construction! It will be an ship-sailing, sea-exploring, past-focused story with an emphasis on uncovering forgotten secrets, healing from trauma, and moving through grief. Fun features include giant sea daemons, not falling off the boat, and found family.

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