Freedom, no matter the cost.
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Members of the Outer Circle wish to support those living in the shadows of others, and to maintain freedom no matter the cost.

Many members tend to be mercenaries, scholars, adventurers, wanderers, hermits, and pariahs. They believe strongly in living in accordance of nature's rules, rather than trying to tame it-- to them, the ancient ruins are a warning, not a promise. They know the pros and cons of their environment and wish for others to see its blessings and live with its curses. The Outer Circle was created in response to the emergence of the High Circle, and strictly opposes over-regulation and bureaucracy. A member of the outer circle would never sell their freedom for comfort.

The Outer Circle is an Open Circle and is always accepting applicants. Members are automatically qualified for promotion based on their reputation:

  • Initiate - 0 Rep
  • Member - 10 Rep
  • Veteran - 50 Rep
  • Leader - 250 Rep
  • Founder - n/a
A pound of flesh for an ounce of esse.
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In Orrison's wilds, off the beaten path from Ichorrai, stands the work of the luto Orri'Raih'Rah-Lu'Nim-Rahl'Ail. Having gutted the ruins of past civilization years earlier, Orri'Raih'Rah built it back up again and now uses the location to run what they refer to as 'tourneys.' 

There are two different types of tourneys that are run. 

The first kind is the most common. Run up to a few times a night (with the highest amount being run when there are a particularly large number of fighters available), these are normally 1v1 fights. They’re fought by voluntary fighters for a prize typically consisting of esse. By default, they’re fought to major injury, though if both fighters consent then it can be done to the death with increased rewards to the winner. 

The second kind is run once or twice a month and tends to vary heavily in structure. The number of combatants, the weapons available, the terrain, and the rules vary. It’s not entirely clear where many of the fighters involved in these come from, though the general viewers of these types of fights don’t seem to care very much.

Betting on these fights is both allowed and encouraged, with a cut of the funds going to the prize pool for the winner. 

Occasionally, Orri'Raih'Rah will attempt to turn deceased fighters into luto, though why they do this and what criteria they follow for their choice is unclear.


  • Lu'Nim - (Knowledgeable of the Other) - A title only held by the highest ranked. Currently, this consists of Orri'Raih'Rah itself and Wake, its partner. - [Founder]

  • Los'Rii - (Handler of the Novice) - Gamemasters. Those trusted enough to help run the tourneys. They will often be in charge of things behind the scenes, including but not limited to working as bookmakers and assisting fighters. The current champion, Varrick, is also this rank. - [Leader]

  • Sen'Reu - (Aged in Fire) - Higher ranking fighters. They typically are frequent winners in normal fights or those who have survived the more random tourneys. - [Veteran]

  • Rii'Tul - (Child of Dirt)  - Low ranking and new fighters. This tends to apply to fighters who have only won a few matches or those who tend to lose often. - [Member]

  • Nimmo'Ellei - (Unnamed Wanderer) - Used to refer to the lowest ranked, these tend to be watchers, new fighters who haven't gained renown, or others of similarly low involvement. - [Initiate]

Titles are retained even after inactivity in the circle.

feel free to @ or dm me (countrygangrel) about placement and backstory connections! also feel free to use as part of character's backstory :)

circle icon by mu (trundlebug)!

Come in, and sit within my coils. Nothing to fear here, my sweet~
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[TW : alcohol mention,  sex mention,  violence] 


A secretive yet prestigious Circle that operates out of the nightclub, The Vipers Den.  Evenstar's Beacon provides skilled labour, prioritizing Assassins, skilled fighters, and anyone with unique talents,  when not fronting as a simple hall of debauchery.  The weird and macabre are not shunned here, the only thing that is absolutely required is unquestioning loyalty to the circle's leader, referred to only as The Viper. Maintain that loyalty, and you will be rewarded generously!

Jobs typically involve making people disappear, collecting debts and bounties, protecting businesses, land, and people of high standing. Prices tend to run higher than standard mercenary guild jobs, but that comes with the guarantee that you receive only the best service. 

Beneath the high end mercenary work, lies a deeper layer of spies and informants,  people who work from the shadows to increase the Vipers power over people.  Some whisper that he's a powerful Councilman with a voice in Aelius' ear.  


Once a month,  the wealthy of Ichorrai are invited to the Vipers private sanctum,  for elusive parties that are rumored to become quite dark and violent.  Sometimes certain guests won't be seen again, and there are whispers that the food served is unlike anything you'll find outside of those doors...  

ShadowPaws who are invited to these parties are sometimes invited to fight to the death at these events,  with the winner gaining promotion.  

Those who are caught betraying the Viper are also invited.... And never heard from again.  

Weakness will not be tolerated here. 


The ranks are broken up by job type,  and how much you are trusted. Feel free to DM me about promotion!  Rp interactions can also contribute,  but sending me a lil lore bit on why you want a position is all I need.  


Evenstar(Founder)- There is only ever one true leader, and through cunning action,  he watches and waits for his chance to strike,  while fancying himself a bit of a fallen angel,  destined to rise up again to greatness.  

Morningstar(Leader) - The most trusted of the Vipers chosen. There are only 5 at any one time,  and admittance is a literal challenge.  You have to earn your way here, but the rewards are lavish.  These people run the Vipers Den, And keep the Beacon going. Power and Standing are given precedence, Radiants are granted entry almost immediately.  

DawnBringers(Veteran) - Spies and Muscle who have proven themselves worthy of trust.  They can work independently but are given the option to lead their own units.  They can be seen as Bartenders, Bouncers and Cooks when working the front.  

DuskSingers(Member) - The general makeup of talent that fills the Beacon with light,  and blood.  They are more expendable,  taking jobs of lesser value, knowing less true secrets,  but vital nonetheless.  Anyone who passes initiation is granted this role,  and work as dancers  or entertainers,  either in private rooms (NSFW)  or out in the open,  keeping guest talking and drinking.  

ShadowPaw(Initiate) - The new and budding individuals who wish to be part of this hidden world.  All prospects must pass an initiation thought up by the Viper himself,  and if they pass,  are approved and given rank by him as well.  These initiations are customized depending on the skills presented by the prospect. This can sometimes be a lengthy process,  and all Paws are required to work as a server in the Den for at least 2 weeks,  to prove dedication, unless they pass their initiation test with exemplary results. 

we'll steal the show!
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A band of thieves that masquerades around the continent as a theatre troupe. Members are typically outcasts, pariahs, and the down-trodden. The leader and founder of the Golden Masks, Antonio, puts the wellbeing of his people first and foremost; those who join the troupe's ranks are treated as family regardless of their involvement (or uninvolvement) with the troupe's inner workings.

Rankings and other behind-the-scenes details are still in progress. Please message me privately on discord (ventus#1517) if you wish to have your character involved in Antonio's crew. 

Violence begets violence; blood begets blood.
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Established in 310 A.o.R., the Sword of Kheir is a relatively new group in comparison to others. Comprised of penitent rrex and few others with similar beliefs, they are united in worship of Kheir and their demiurge, David, as Her reincarnation. Their goals, beyond simple worship, are to spread their faith and make it a more mainstream and accepted religion. Their success doing this is, thus far, debatable.

They are strict in their following of the penitent faith and, despite their name and position as a mercenary circle, they will not start fights, instead opting for swiftly ending them. They are not shy when it comes to violence and often go through training in the initiation process. They offer their services as protection on a sliding scale, often doing work at a loss for the needy. They are more focused on spreading the word rather than on collecting wealth and it's unclear where much of the circle's monetary inflow comes from.

They tend to wear clothing with their circle’s symbol on it and use weapons they provide. While it’s optional to crop their ears and tail, it’s pushed on rrex members even if not forced. All but the demiurge are barred from showing their halos and she shows her halo very rarely.



  • Demiurge - Kheir reincarnated
  • Vicar - Kheir's speaker. Formed the group originally and currently does most of the actual directing of it
  • Knight - Above acolytes and recognized for their skill. These are the higher ranking fighters and defenders of the group, usually with seniority
  • Acolyte - Normal members of the group
  • Initiate - Those first joining and yet to be properly initiated
We all aren't perfect, we all hace scars.
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A group of mercenaries that protect our home and fight for the rights of our city ,people, and those who cannot defend themselves.

The people of our guild often travel with members of the neighboring guilds. We travel alongside them on long expidtions that benefit out city. 

We not only fight but we also help with heavy lifting, farming, and chores! 

We protect them, and others who are in need, violence is usually a last resort but somtimes there is now choice. 

We aren't all perfect. we all have scars.

We take in all kinds of folk, and are a big family, we help one another for ourselves and out future.


The fury of the hound is matched only by the strength of its master.
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An Fhuil a Lomadh ("The Bloodshorn")


An ancient circle originally created by a family of swordmasters, they have since become the leading circle for those with expertise in wielding the blade.

In comparison to other circles, individualized training is key to the Bloodshorn. Members can begin their training as young as 13, but do not go out into the field until they are 20. They receive one mentor, maybe two if they are struggling, and continue their training until they successfully pass initiation--and, in the case of those training under the lannspéir, their training continues until their mentor’s death. Training is vigorous and on a strict schedule, but in the lower ranks slacking often goes by unnoticed.

The most notable feature of the Bloodshorn are their blades. Handcrafted for each individual member by trusted lines of smiths, they receive their blades upon passing initiation, where they must draw blood while fighting their mentor with a rusty blade. The origin of these blades lies in the depths of the Bloodshorn's vault, where the blades of dead members are collected and left to rot in darkness.

While the original titles are typically used in formal contexts and reports, translations or generalizations of the role are more common in casual conversation. Common slang within the circle is the use of uniform colors to refer to ranks, especially when calling someone whose name they do not know or when referring generally to the ranks.

They have a somewhat hostile relationship with other circles due to their nepotistic and cliquey nature and harsh training practices. Social connections within the Bloodshorn are rarely as strong as in other circles, and an air of paranoia hangs within their ranks. While they once had a better reputation, it has deteriorated over the years as diligence and honor became less concentrated values in their members.

They primarily take bounty and protection jobs, though they are also known to clear out daemon infestations in order to collect the parts for barter and sale.

A sacred practice within the Bloodshorn is the idea of díoltas fola, or blood revenge. If a member of the Bloodshorn has reason to believe that another person has committed a dishonor on their bloodline (such as murder), the circle will turn a blind eye to whatever they do to the person responsible. They have even been known to “disappear” those who commit díoltas fola, and it’s rumored that these members serve to keep the circle running internally while hiding from their crime.




Lannspéir (“Skyblade”)- Founder

    There is only ever one lannspéir at a time. A role passed down through generations by the founding family of the Bloodshorn, it has historically been passed down to the eldest child of the previous lannspéir. 

However, after the rest of the leading family died in a fire, the lannspéir is currently Ailbhe, the youngest child and the only adopted member of the family. With no surviving relatives, all eyes are on their apprentice, Mikhata, to succeed them after death. Unusually, they seem interested in taking on more than one apprentice--creating an opportunity for a vicious power struggle.

The lannspéir may only wear orange, red, and yellow. It is customary to have the pattern of three dots arranged in a triangle on their clothing, as is depicted in the circle’s emblem.


Lanngréine (“Sunblade”)- Leader

    Singular lanngréine, plural lannagréine

    The illustrious higher rank, it is almost impossible to be a part of the lannagréine unless you were born into it. Born of nepotism and of heroic feats, their numbers grow smaller and smaller every generation as they threaten to fade into obscurity. They are prime targets for assassination due to their skills and the power they hold, and those who are not yet initiated within the lannégreine are often guarded at all times for this reason. 

    There is a rumor within the Bloodshorn, whispered among its members, of a secret rank beside the lannagreine- the lannaoíche, or “nightblades.” Rumored to wear black and dark gray exclusively, they are said to be skilled assassins and spies that lay hidden among the average citizens of Orrison. Of course, this is just a rumor… and has yet to be proven.

    The lannagréine wear orange, red, or yellow by obligation, and are not permitted to wear any other colors when in the public eye. In the rare case that a lannagréine apprentice cannot be mentored by someone in the lannagréine, the lannspéir will take charge and mentor them.


Snoíodóirlann  (“Bladecarver”)- Veteran

    Singular snoíodóirlann, plural snoíodóirílann

Comprised of smiths, metalworkers, and composers, the snoíodóirílann are responsible for crafting each member's individual blade. They themselves do not wield swords, and while they are usually born into the circle, they are sometimes scouted by lannagreíne to work in the circle. Paid more handsomely than sealgairí and in a lower-risk position, they could be seen as the best-treated members of the circle.

    The snoíodóirílann wear purple uniforms to formal events, but due to recognition of how filthy their clothes become while working the only restriction on their casual clothes is that they cannot wear orange, red, or yellow.


Sealgair (“Hunter”)- Member

    Singular sealgair, plural sealgairí

As the lowest officially recognized rank, one cannot be born into being a sealgairí. Instead, you have to pass initiation as a madra to reach the rank. Skill level varies within the sealgairí, as does morality--some are merely after power or the next bag of esse, while others have an almost knightly virtue. Generally, they are seen as a rowdy and unpleasant bunch, with a handful of outliers. This is in stark contrast to their past reputation, where anyone who was deemed too unsavory would be executed by the lannspéir.

    Sealgairí have blue-green uniforms, and while they receive them as soon as they reach the rank, they can customize their uniform as they please or simply not wear it at all. However, it is required that they wear blues, greens, and neutrals, and they are not allowed to wear the colors of higher ranks.


Madraí an Fhiaigh (“Dogs of the Hunt”)- Initiate

    Singular madra, plural madraí

    Members of the circle who have not yet earned their blade and are not born of an honored family. Sometimes referred to as having cold feet or needing to hurry up and “bite the steel”, madraí are often called “Muttfaces” by ruder members in reference to both the origin of the rank’s name and to them having the skills of a poorly trained mockhund. It’s not uncommon for unofficial “hazings” to occur as well. Madraí are generally ignored by the highest ranking members, and many feel ostracized and ignored, though some take this as a challenge to best the system and climb to the top.

    Madraí take orders from sealgairí primarily, who assign them to lesser missions and occasionally give them guidance or training. While some have mentors on par with the higher ranks, many spend more time training themselves than they do receiving training from their mentors.

    Madraí do not have any set uniform, and once they gain their blade they move up in rank and receive their official uniform.


Roles must be requested, otherwise your character will be placed at Initiate. Please contact Enya/cuppedsunshine on Discord at freya#0931 to request a role. You may also request that a sword be designed for your character by Enya/cuppedsunshine if they have completed initiation.

You may also request that your character be an apprentice of Ailbhe, though this may be limited to two or three characters.



    Uniforms are fully customizable to your character’s proportions and individual taste, with the only requirement being that they wear their rank’s colors to a recognizable amount. Some common motifs are:

  • Three dots, aligned in a triangle shape (as seen
  • Criss-cross patterns and plaid
  • Tartan fabric
  • Vibrant colors (within your rank’s color allowance)
  • “Infinite knot” patterns with no definite beginning or end
  • Kilts, skirts, and loose clothing for comfortable movement
  • Pins, jewelry, or appliques with the circle’s symbol on them
  • Overcoats, typically sleeveless, that range in length from the hip to the ankle
  • Lantern sleeve tops are common for formal wear, but seen as impractical for casual wear
  • Shawls are common as a personal fashion statement
  • Sashes, belts, and clasps are common to keep tunics and robes shapely
  • Aside from rank colors, neutrals are the other option that many members utilize in their outfits

Visual examples coming soon!

Do not go gentle into that good night.
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The Crosshairs was born from frustration at a dangerous new frontier, and the desire to whip it into submission. It was a time that those without magic or physical strength were left to die. So they, the scorned and weak, gathered. As the nights raged on and the darkness closed in, ingenuity became the new strength. Old tools were reinvented. The age of steel and wood had begun anew from the ashes. Forges were reignited. Blades were sharpened. Bows were strung. 

The Crosshairs was once a weapons manufacturing group, freely spreading and supplying protection to those without useful Fysa or strength amongst the moon’s refugees. After being rediscovered by the descendant of its founders and upon the eve of war between Ichorrai and Ynochrin, the circle has been reopened under a new set of principles. Esse equals protection, talent equals esse.

Weapons manufacturing and research is the main goal, with firearms being the main export. The circle aims to revive old styles of weapons and improve existing ones through almost any means necessary, leading some to think that the group may be one of the many shadowed faces involved in digging up the more unsavory and dangerous aspects of the past. Rumor has it that the reason that the circle was closed and fell into obscurity was a punishment for hubris and digging too deep.

This has not dissuaded the newly reignited circle’s efforts. 

The Crosshairs take in a number of mercenaries as official testers and users of their new weapons, but will also outsource their raw firepower to the highest bidder. This has gotten them into controversy over possibly supplying dangerous groups, but any complaints have fallen on deaf ears. Mainly, they function as a singular place for weapons creators and brokers to gather and sell their wares safely. 

  • Legatus (Founder)
    • The official head of the guild, with the authority given by bloodline. The one who pulls the strings and knows every secret.
  • Tribunus (Leader)
    • Respected high-level buyers, those who put their Esse into this circle and those whom the Legatus personally respects- albeit far and few. These members have access to some of the more advanced information that the circle holds.
  • Primus (Veteran)
    • The collective ranking of researchers and otherwise talented members, those who have proven themselves worthy of more complicated jobs.
  • Centurion (Member)
    • Artisans, parts producers, and other uncategorized workers. Typically given most busywork above a Cohort’s paygrade, and even the option to take bounties.
  • Cohort (Initiate)
    • The rank-and-file soldiers, the scavengers, those in the manpower division who haven’t proven themselves yet. This rank has the lowest respect of the Legatus, but the pay and protection is typically considered worth it.

-Ranks are based more on what role you want your character to play! Contact me on the discord server to discuss ranking!

Three cheers for ghosts who rattle the cages at night.
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This is a circle of adventurers, who sail the sea or sneak through the woods setting cages as they go. A Ghost Trapper is well versed in traps - cages, snares, wires, the whole shebang. They study nonlethal methods of hunting and employ them in the field. Ghost Trappers bring back live catch, most often crustaceans, shellfish, rabbits, mice, and other small prey animals. They are also well known for catching feral daemons and keeping the daemon population of their hunting grounds clear of infestation. One can find them hawking daemon parts and yesterday's catch at marketplaces.

However, the Ghost Trappers operate under the cloak of the night. When the sun goes down, all the Ghosts come out to play. This ring is most active in the dead of night, and almost all its members seem to vanish with the light of dawn. They are fiercely secretive of all circle activities, and seem fond of running people out of their territories if a member takes offense. As such, the circle is hard to find, and even harder to employ. The Ghost Trappers keep to themselves, and watch outsiders with wary eyes.

Why the need for secrecy? To which the Ghosts say, "Why not?"

  • Initiate: You perform basic circle tasks like fish, hunt, and fight daemons when called. Your responsibility is low and you are mostly free to do as you wish as long as you don't break circle rules. You may work night or day shift at your discretion. Mostly, you exist tangentially to the circle. Veterans keep an eye on your conduct, and if they find you lacking, they have no qualms cuting you free. Break the rule of secrecy with what little information you know and you're gone. At this rank, you have no idea who the leaders are, and no one's telling you.
  • Member: Your actions have brought you to the notice of the circle veterans. The circle ranks member and above may gather together to hold a formal welcoming for you. Your tasks in this rank are the basic tasks, but you may also be called upon to sail alongside veterans on expeditions and fight larger daemon infestations. You are generally assigned a shift to work in, but it's up to you. Generally there are no repeat rulebreakers at this rank, as promotion is a display of trust. The consequences for breaking that trust may be dire.
  • Veteran: You have put in your hours with the circle. This is less of a rank and more of an acknowledgement. Sometime along the line, you were introduced to one of the leaders, and they liked you. As a veteran, your responsibilities go from tasks to leading small parties. You are trusted to know how to do your job and beyond shifts and check-ins, you're left to do your work. You join the family as a member, the leaders adopt you as their own as a veteran. You've around long enough to know the inside jokes and secrets.
  • Leader: The ones in charge of running the entire circle. There are five, and they are the ones who give the final judgement in any scenario. This circle is their life, and they give all they are to the night.
    • Saberr, a Rrex, is the boisterious expedition leader. She is in charge of the putting together the crews and charting the way.
    • Nausikaa, a Human, is the logical huntsmaster. He schedules shifts, hands out assignments, and oversees the trapping areas.
    • Kebibeki, a Chimia, is the no-nonsense treasurer. He handles the money, keeps the circle running, and sells catch on the markets.
    • Kalotola, a Tolka, is the stoic ship captain. He directly oversees the other leaders, and determines the course the circle will take.
    • Vaerlemalang or otherwise called Spook, a Ptheran, seem to be a leader who's responsible for daemon-hunting, but you're not sure.

This circle will be run as a "mini-storyline" with Bulletin Board prompts and RPs hosted by thewolvenhall (circle owner). The storyline will progress in chapters and acts. Characters will be able to rank up through progression in the circle's storyline.

The Ghost Trappers storyline is currently under construction! It will be an ship-sailing, sea-exploring, past-focused story with an emphasis on uncovering forgotten secrets, healing from trauma, and moving through grief. Fun features include giant sea daemons, not falling off the boat, and found family.

Going Beyond the Law to Uphold It
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As frowned upon as vigilante justice tends to be, the Fleet of the North Star at least does a good job of it. The Fleet was formed by a former aegis about 70 years ago in response to the need of protection for merchant ships. They focused on hunting down and bringing pirates to justice, one way or another. Their leader kept them reigned in and, for much of this time, they were fairly well respected, other than the obvious groups to have issues with them.


About 20 years ago, however, the founder stepped down and retired, leaving his second in command, a young leyr by the name of Cheriway, in charge. Under Cheriway’s command, things changed. He was much more willing than his predecessor to turn a blind eye to harsh treatment towards pirates captured, often even looking the other way when his first mate was aggressive. When asked about this, his most common answer is that it is difficult to find people willing to risk their lives on the sea and against potentially violent criminals in this day and age. While this is unlikely the true reason behind it, as of yet no one’s gotten a straighter answer out of him. 


Despite the changes under Cheriway’s lead, the Fleet is still respected by those that they protect. Focusing largely on protecting merchant ships and seeking out pirates, they look to keep the ocean safer, even without the help of the aegis. 



Note: Please discuss specific ranks with me (countrygangrel/houndoom ꙮ#9250)!



 The current person in charge of the fleet. This rank is occupied by the Admiral of the Fleet and the Vice-Admiral. The Vice-Admiral is set to succeed the Admiral of the Fleet upon their death or retirement (whichever comes first) and usually chooses their own Vice-Admiral out of the ranks of captains.



Ship captains. They have their own ship in the fleet and are often involved in discussions of fleet-wide tactics. They each lead their own crew and are, for the most part, somewhat autonomous. These are normally picked by the previous captain of the ship, though they are sometimes selected by the Admiral.



Officers are people who hold positions of authority on their ships and report to their captain. They are often involved in discussions of ship-wide tactics. They are promoted to these positions by the previous officer in their position and by the captain of their ship. They are often in charge of particular aspects of running the ship.


The most populated position in the circle. These are normal sailors and can occupy a variety of roles. Some older members say that you reach this rank after you survive your first big storm.



New members who are still getting their sealegs. They usually stay in this position for a few months to a year.

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