fysa communications relay


The Fysa Communications Relay (FCR)

An immanu called Ithika is the creator of the server and network which hosts central communications. The server is located in Ichorrai. The network takes advantage of the condensed fysa in the atmosphere to quickly send small amounts of data across long distances (text, not voice).

Anyone with a communications device called a Replier can access the chat, however they can lose connection when separated from the main atmosphere of fysa by heading underground, or encountering strong aria interference.

The network is simple-- private, one-on-one conversations are not possible, but anyone with the right device can access and relay talk on the channel.

Also, fysa can only take a signal so far before it degrades and is lost. Ithika is looking for help in installing repeaters to relay the signal further away from Ichorrai.



the discord ic chat bot



We have tupperbox, a discord bot for speaking in character, and a chatroom for in-character talk. These chatrooms exist in the Orrison world using the FCR.

Tupperbox commands

  • tul!help
    get a list of commands
  • tul!help command
    get info on a specific command
  • tul!register "Name" Bracket: text
    create a new tupper! Their display name will be the Name you set. The bracket is the trigger you use to get the bot to replace the text. Replace the word Bracket with whatever you want the trigger to be. Your bracket can also be formatting. The following are all examples of valid brackets- you don't HAVE to put a name in and can just use symbols as a shortcut, but you must tell the bot where the text goes by using text:
    • Ithika: text
    • >text<
    • >>text
  • tul!avatar "Name" link/image
    add an avatar for your character. You can link an existing image, or copy-paste or upload a new image.
  • tul!tag "Name" Tag
    add a tag to your character. The tag appears after their name. Ithika's tag is [System Administrator], for example.