the structures in orrison

General Aesthetic

A lot of the inspiration for Orrison comes from Nausicaa, Origin: Spirit of the Past, certian areas in Destiny II, and Oban Star-Racers when it comes to environments. Much of it is solarpunk + brutalist aesthetics.

A general visual guide can be found here: PINTEREST


There is a plethora of abandoned but solid, advanced structures from the past which are built on top of and reinforced with more elementary materials and techniques. The size and styles of each city depends on which species dominated that area in the past.

Many structures are built to scale with the rrex in mind-- large enough to make humans feel small but still sometimes cramped for ptherans. different species also have different preferences for structures-- chimia often weave hanging houses in trees above swampy areas, while rrex like to build with adobe and dig homes out of earth like hobit holes or cliff structures.