Beginner's Guide

the premise, setting, and influences of world of orrison

Registering for the Site

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  1. Register your account!
    We recommend that you use a name similar to your alias on deviantArt and other websites for easy identification
    Please do not use spaces in your username.
  2. Confirm your email.
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  3. Connect your deviantArt account.
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    Be sure you are linking to the deviantArt account associated with your masterlist ownership.

If you are missing characters, items, or currency, please submit a claim or email to get it corrected!

URL: Link to the relevant character or screenshot of proof, if needed. Optional!
Comments: "I recently joined the website, and these are all my missing items, currency, and characters: [list]"
Rewards: add all items and currency that are missing

Where can I get a design?

Nearly all species in Orrison are closed species, meaning they cannot be freely made by anyone. You can purchase them from an official designer, win them by participating in an event, or earn them by getting Esse (currency) and buying a "make your own" slot. You can also trade/buy existing designs from other members.

Be sure that anyone you are buying/trading from has a masterlist entry with their name listed as the owner. We provide the masterlist for your security, but cannot refund you your money or other goods from a trade or sale between members.

Please read the MYO Guide to learn how to make your first characters, or where to obtain other MYO slots.

I've got a design! Now what?

Safety first! To prevent scams and prove your ownership, be sure you take the following measures:

  • Be sure you obtain the high resolution, un-watermarked image for that adopt's official art if it exists.
    The person you obtained it from should have it. These can be used as proof of ownership in lieu of all other options. If posting them online, you need to only post lower resolution or unwatermarked versions.

  • Be sure that the masterlist is updated¬†with your ownership.
    If you obtained your design from an official designer sale, it will be updated automatically!

  • Create a character profile.
    Many people have their own preferences on how to present their characters. Some fill out character sheets on deviantArt, some fill out pages on and store their lore and art there. Others make tracker journals or deviations. You can also add information on the masterlist entry itself. We strongly recommend choosing one method so others can learn about your character!

With a character, you can participate in events in the group! They are a great way to brainstorm ideas for your characters, to make connections with others, and to otherwise play around in the world. If there are no ongoing events, check out the prompts for activities!

I'm not happy with my character...

Don't worry! There's no penalty or rules regarding revamping your adopts. You can completely rewrite their history and personalities whenever you want, and you can change their physical appearance following the redesign guidelines.

You can also put your characters up for trade, swap, or sale. Advertise these in the discord or on deviantArt and submit your journal to the orrison group-- or mark them as "for swap" on the masterlist itself.

I'm overwhelmed by the lore!

The lore page contains the index of information for the world, but not all of it is necessary to get started.

The best place to start is the History page, which offers context for recent events and the setting as it exists now. Magic is also good for context, as it provides the framework for the abilities that creatures in Orrison can use.

The World page also contains information about locations, weather, and the setting which may be important to know for deciding where your character lives. The Naming page may have some content which could be of use in character creation.

The Deities page also provides some structure on the beliefs of the inhabitants of Orrison, but is not as necessary to know off the bat. The FCR page explains the equivalent of 'cell phones' available in Orrison, which is useful if you're roleplaying in the discord server!

Everything else can be read on your own time, or looked up when you need to reference that information specifically.