general fashion in orrison

Clothing Styles

Clothing varies greatly-- styles tend towards futuristic/apocalyptic, with urban areas having more advanced clothing and materials, and rural areas regressing to simple cloth/leather/fastening styles. Most species do prefer to wear clothing, but many also don't care as much about nudity being indecent. It's just unfashionable.

A general visual guide can be found here: PINTEREST

Layers, Panelling, Wrapping

These three basic practices are used to comfortably clothe the difference species of orrison. Tops are often open pieces that are secured once settled around the anatomy of the species. Paneling allows for more complex garments that allow a fit around legs and tails. Layers are used to fill in spaces that cannot be covered easily or fashionably by a single piece.


Reusing old material to patch up damaged clothing is a common practice, especially among lower-class citizens. Not only is this because fabric can be expensive in low cities, but it is also a practice that memorializes passed loved ones.


Often utilized by workers, adventurers, and anyone else that leaves the comforts of home for extended periods of time. Straps are common for keeping shed clothes from getting lost or left behind and packs carry necessary tools of their trade close at hand. Heavy outercoats are often treated with Fysa to protect the wearer from the elements. Straps and Buckles: Common for securing, often made to break under extreme stress for safety reasons.


Magic can be worked into clothing to provide certain utilities. Fysa fields are generated to assist those who are going into Aria dominated areas (guarding duty near the spire, or spelunking in the ocean) and this mostly just involves channeling Fysa through the clothes to help counter the effects of Aria radiation. Other clothing can have effects such as minor warming/cooling.

Metal can be worked into a fine wire which is embroidered into the clothing. Lighter colored metals (like silver) will often take on an oily sheen when Fysa is run through it. In addition to Esse coins as batteries, larger gemstones can be used (but are expensive).