Design Update

redesigning an existing character

Design "Tweaks"

Design tweaks do not require a masterlist update and can be done at any time. You CAN however update the masterlist image if you'd like by requesting a masterlist update. Tweaks include:

  • Renaming the character
  • Changing the biography
  • Changing the personality
  • Changing accessories and clothing
  • Physique changes
    • changing build
    • adding scars
    • amputating limbs
    • cutting/growing hair
    • changing age
  • Trait changes
    • ears
    • neck
    • tails
    • other physical shape features
  • Changing eye color

Design Updates

Full-blown design updates require a masterlist update, and can be done once a month. You can change multiple things at once though! They include:

  • Changing color shades/hue by one step
    for example, yellow can be changed to orange or green
  • Changing markings
    markings should remain inspired by previous design
    you can freely remove markings altogether
    new markings covering roughly 50% of the design are okay
  • Using items purchased in the shop to update abilities, species, etc.
  • Switching out one Morph trait to another Morph trait of the same type.
    (ex: you can switch a chimia tail morph into a chimia face morph, but you cannot change a chimia tail morph into a rrex tail morph)
    You can remove a Morph trait in exchange for an item to apply to a different character.

As a note, MYO's can be completely revamped (changed without regard to the current design) at any time, even if they're not your MYO (the character code should start with "MYO"). They still need to be the same species unless you purchased an item to change the species, though!

You are allowed to commission or request that someone else creates a design edit for you-- the process will be the same, but be sure to give proper credit when uploading the artwork in the design request. Commissioning a redesign does not alter the resale value of the adoptable.

Requesting a masterlist update

  1. Draw a masterlist image.
    Masterlist images must be clean (doesn't have to be lined, but must be clear) and flat (no shading, no painting).

  2. Request a Design Update.
    Navigate to your character's masterlist page and click 'Update Design' under their settings:

    Click the "Create request" to begin a request. It will open a new request draft, which should be completed before being submitted.
    You are not required to fill out every tab, but you must SAVE every tab before submitting. The unsaved tabs have red X's on them.

    Be sure to include a summary of all changes on the Comments tab. Otherwise, your request will be denied.

    If you are using items in the shop to make additional changes to your character, be sure to add them! They will be removed from your inventory once your request is approved. Be sure to add any applicable traits (fysa abilities) if you are upgrading powers.

  3. An admin will review your request once it is submitted.
    Don't forget to actually hit submit! You can do this on the "status" tab of your design request draft. Once submitted, a moderator will review and accept or cancel your request.

    If a request is cancelled, a moderator will send a comment to explain why it was cancelled or rejected. You are free to fix these changes and resubmit!