the classification of fauna in orrison

For the sake of simplicity, animals can be referred to by the class they most resemble from our Earth. This can be considered a 'translation' between Orrison and Earth.

All creatures are believed to be created from the body of the god Fys, which was made of 8 pieces: Fys' divinity (divine element), which became the magical river of Fysa which envelopes the world. Fys' mortality (ash element), which created the land, plants, earth, and sky. Fys' Flesh (clay element), Blood (blood element), Bones (alloy element), and Marrow (marrow element) were used to create the fauna of the world.

Reulos and Tulos were formed out of empty containers (clay, bone) while Deirrin and Skerrin were formed from the cores (blood, marrow).

It is said that their origins (skerrin from tulos, deirrin from reulos) is why certain species from different classes can potentially crossbreed given the right circumstances. Cross species relationships between sentients are considered natural, the desires are viewed as Fys wanting to be whole again.

Lastly, the category Orridae encompasses creatures who are said to be closer to Fys' image as they are counted as hybrids of the other classes. Almost all Orridae are highly intelligent or sentient.



  • Reulos can be directly translated as "ones who hold fire". It is said that once the Flesh of Fys was emptied of blood, it sought out something else equally warm and filling and found fire.

    Reulos are diverse. They are warmblooded non-flighted creatures.

    Although they resemble Earth mammals, they do not have mammary glands and humans are technically not Reulos.

    • Warmblooded

    • Mainly Furred, Sometimes Plated

    • Egg Laying (Soft Shelled)


Fish & Insects

  • Deirrin can be directly translated as "ones held by the water". It is said that once Fys' Blood left the flesh, it poured into the seas, ponds, rivers, and oceans and lived there.

    Deirrin range greatly in size and range, and are any creature which can breath underwater. They are coldblooded. They are perceived to have a very low intelligence because they can't feel pain, but many have an alien intelligence. Larger deirrin tend to be very long lived.

    • Coldblooded

    • 4 Eyes

    • Mainly Scales

    • Legs Are Not Uncommon


Reptile & Amphibian

  • Tulos can be directly translated as "ones who hold soil". It is said that once the Bones of Fys were carved hollow of marrow, they were filled with soil as they were planted in the earth.

    Tulos are long lived. They are coldblooded creatures, many of which are partial to water, but they often can't breath water. On the other hand, they tend to be more resistant to salinity changes.

    • Coldblooded, Normally

    • Mainly Scales, Fur Patches Common

    • Egg Laying (Soft Shelled or Membrane)



  • Skerrin can be directly translated as "ones held by the sky". It is said that once the Marrow of fys escaped the bones, it scattered among the winds, blown away.

    Skerrin are flight capable creatures, and this is what sets them apart.

    • Warmblooded, normally

    • Feathered, Sometimes Scaled, Sometimes Plated

    • Long or Narrow Ears

    • Thumb Claws/Wing Spurs, or Wing Hands

    • Egg Laying (Hard Shell)


the circle completed

  • Orridae can be directly translated as "reflections".

    All Orridae are either highly intelligent or sentient.

    • Adaptable

    • DNA is much more flexible than other classes and prone to mutation

    • Interspecies reproduction occurs more frequently