the past of orrison

  • Duration
    314,159 years
  • Start
    Fys wanders.
  • End
    The first High City is built.
  • Summary

    Years in Orrison are divided into chapters called Ages. Each time a new Age is announced, the year count starts over. The first Age is the Age of Beginning.

    The story of the Age of Beginning starts with the godling Fys wandering the universe in loneliness before coming to sleep on the planet Orrison. When they rested here, the energy of their spirit became the potential needed for sentient life to spring forth on the planet.

    Light years away, humans left the Earth after it became uninhabitable, thousands of small colonies spreading out among the stars to try to find a home. One such group came across the trail of energy left behind by Fys' wandering, and followed it to Orrison.

    When they arrived, Fys had been sleeping for a long time, and a myriad of species had already begun to grow their civilizations here. Humans joined them as refugees, optimistic for new beginnings.

  • Duration
    1,441 years
  • Start
    A high city closes its gates.
  • End
    The catalyst destroys the world.
  • Summary

    High Cities were places of great comfort but limited freedom. Low Cities were sprawling areas of lawlessness and opportunity.

    Between these two places, technology prospered, and ambitions ran high.

    Low City poachers were abundant during the Age of Preiyer, and High City machinists would buy from them in secret. Body parts of magic creatures could be used by humans to create powerful artifacts. Many powerful ancient and even sentient creatures died and went extinct.

    Humans, rrex, and immanu tried to create an endless power source which would bring peace by ending the need for poaching. Called the Catalyst, it instead exploded, rupturing the world and destroying all life that remained.

    Everyone fled to the moon, Mylic, and the colony there through teleporters.

The Senescence

The Sending

  • Duration
    212 years
  • Start
    Sentient life takes shelter on Mylic.
  • End
    Sentient life returns to Orrison.
  • Summary

    The Catalyst's explosion created a spear of Aria magic which runs through the core of the planet. This spear generates Fysa magic on a large scale, creating magical weather storms. In a way, the Catalyst worked, but it worked on far too large a scale.

    Only eight species escaped: Humans, Rrex, Immanu, Ptheran, Leyr, Tolka, Chimia, and Luto.

    Many were either already living at the colony on Mylic, or had escaped to it during the explosion.

    Divides were created among the species-- ptheran, leyr, and luto blamed the rrex, immanu, and humans for the disaster, but the humans/rrex/immanu had a best grasp of the technology on the moon base. Chimia and tolka did their best to scrape by, falling prey to a lot of the menial labor.

Age of Return


  • Duration
    342 years
  • Start
    Sentient life returns to Orrison.
  • End
  • Summary

    Generations passed as Orrison began to resemble something more of a habitable planet once again. Many were reluctant to leave their moon haven... however, magic levels on Mylic were sparse already to begin with. Without magic, many would die, and without magic, the teleport pillar could not return them. Thus, a difficult choice was made as the moon's final Fysa was nearing depletion-- everyone made the return migration.

    It was a return to emptiness but abundance. While no other sentients seemed to have survived the devastation, wildlife had bloomed in the absence. Ruins now lay scattered all across the world, overgrown with plants and populated by creatures. The ruins of the great city of Ichorrai is where everyone returned to through the receiving teleport pillar, and it is where the first new city was established. Finally, in the ruins of their old world, everyone was forced to come together to survive.

    The return was 342 years ago-- the current year is 342 A.o.R. Life in Ichorrai has just begun to stabilize.

Ynoch's Parting

A god joins the circle

  • Date (OOC)
    Oct - Nov 2020
  • Summary

    During Ilya's trials, cadavers were discovered in the effigies normally burnt this time of year in the city center.

    A serial killer was discovered in the city, and hunted down by its inhabitants. The following was discovered:

    • The killer was possessed by an artifact
    • The bodies were not placed by the killer, but relocated
    • The Aegis were suspected to have an insider who placed the bodies

    Motives for the Aegis infiltrants were not discovered, but the killer was cornered in Ynoch's swamp. Many came together to fight them, but ultimately the deity Ynoch sacrificed herself in order to purge the lantern (which disappeared).

    The loss of Ynoch took a great toll, and the month of November was spent in her remembrance.

Rise of Ichorrai

Unveiling of inner cities

  • Date (OOC)
    Jan 2021
  • Event
  • Summary

    A chimoraa prophet- the first chimoraa seen in centuries- emerged from Ynoch's tree to spread word of their city beneath and the designs of Ichorrai's Shepherd.

    They denounced the Shepherd and also made a declaration of war, telling all who wished to join them to take refuge in Ynochrin, the city beneath Ynoch's tree.

    Aelius lifted the city of Ichorrai using an ancient barrier, and beneath it was exposed the Inner Sanctum where they offered complete protection at the cost of freedom.

Ascension to Lireah

The exploration of Immitheus

  • Date (OOC)
    Apr 2021
  • Event
  • Summary

    At the request of the Archivist, the depths of the old Immanu capitol, Immitheus, were explored in an attempt to find a teleporter which would take people to the flying city of Lireah.

    It was discovered that there are two types of teleporters-- long distance pillar teleports for use in interplanetary transportation (these took hours to use and only need one working side), and 'shorter' distance light-space teleporters which could go from city to city (these are instantaneous and require two working sides). The former is what was destroyed in Ichorrai, while the latter is what was used to find Lireah.

    Another Corvigere was also discovered, chained up beneath Immitheus by the researchers who used to dwell there. Calling himself the Protector, but dubbed the Destroyer by the city, he had come in an attempt to cease the creation of artifacts that was ongoing in the city. He was released by Iphae and Leto.

    Several curious creatures were also found when the city's power was restored-- esprits, they called themselves.

    Remeiraia was the leyr who found the teleport pad and ultimately discovered Lireah. Greeted by individuals calling themselves the Kheiraa (a rrex subspecies), she was able to establish peaceful relations.

    The kheiraa agreed to bring the flying city to Immitheus so that the Archivist could access it to recover her library. Many kheiraa scrambled to go off the flying island, now that they knew for sure the planet below was safe to inhabit once again.