the languages of orrison

Many languages are remnants from previous ages. Most people speak common, a shared language between all species. The second most commonly spoken tongue is tolkan and its derivative, chimirish, as both tolka and chimia can communicate with one another easily, their language/dialect never having died out of use.

Languages are listed in the order of how common they are to know.

Common aka Immithese

The language referred to as 'common' is actually Immithese. It's considered a 'refined' language as it was engineered by Immanu in order to be easily learned and widely spread.

Old Immithese, their original language, is found in a lot of scientific texts tho (similar to latin), and is very similar to the Old Tongue.

Tolkan and Chimirish

Chimirish is a vernacular of tolkan.

Tolkan is straightforward and blunt, not flowery at all. Chimirish is a version of tolkan but spoken way faster, and has a lot of slang and new terms. it is constantly changing, adapting words from other languages. When speaking common, chimia throw in chimirish words.

Understanding tolkan or chimirish can help you understand the other. there is no written form of either, but chimia and tolka both share a form of morse code (used with chimia lights for distant communication) that can be crudely written.

Chimia have the easiest time adapting to all languages, but also will mix them too.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of stigma against those who speak tolkan and chimirish in public-- many other species that aren't chimia and tolka feel like they're being secretly mocked or spoken about if a tolka or chimia chooses to use their native tongues in public. Tolkan is considered a dull language, and chimirish is considered a nonsensical one-- many use chimirish as a synonym for gibberish.


Almost all Ptheran can speak ralthic, named after their holy land Ralthalan. it is a sacred language used in performance and among Ptheran. its written form is actually eerily similar to glyphs which manipulate fysa.


Empirial is one of three common rrex languages, and the most widely known among rrex. It was spoken by the Enarrian rrex of previous ages, who assimilated the Meran and Preisian rrex. Rrex with any of these heritages tend to be able to speak Empirial or some broken form of it.

It is a formal tongue whose terms are still used in military study and as tactical terms.


Rhotian is a rough and loud language, known for being crude. It is a rrex language from the nation of Rhotia. Rhotian rrex were sea-farers, many were pirates, and it was a largely lawless nation where the strong ruled and everyone prioritized freedom.


Torian is a softer language which sounds similar to the Ptheran's ralthic. It was spoken by Torian rrex, who were a strongly private people-- they were the last true followers of Kheir, and not much is known about them except that they considered themselves guardians of life and would mercilessly hunt poachers.

Human Languages

Humans adapted common in part for survival, to be able to exist among any other species... but human languages and writing still persist among families. Words and phrases of expression frequently used by humans has worked its way into common as well. (Basically, use whichever earth languages you'd like.)

"Leyrish" "Lutoan" Old Tongue

Leyr primarily speak common. Leyr once have had to learn the language of corvigere and it's influenced a lot of their naming conventions, but the need for knowing it has largely died out. Only the Archivist and Undertaker really speak their language, referred to as Leyrish by others, but it's actually an unnamed language that is the old tongue of the gods.

This is the same language that Luto know of in fragments, and nobody knows that they're the same language-- thus, Leyrish and Lutoan have marked similarities but they're not spoken frequently enough to know they're the same. When Luto speak, they have no trouble auto-translating the language of any other species, perhaps as a leftover function from the time when they were once man-made constructs programmed by composer magic.

The Old Tongue is commonly used in Luto naming conventions, Leyr naming, as the names of places, as the base for ancient languages, and is spoken by ancient creatures such as corvigere and leviathans.

Old Tongue

the first language

Here is a sampling of Old Tongue phrases which are more frequently used or known. These words are pretty similar in Leyran, Lutoan, and Old Immithese.

To hold, to contain
To be held, to be within
Mirrored, repeated
Reflecting the self
Sum of all pieces
The World, or more literally, "every reflection"