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Amputation is an unfortunate common phenomenon due to the dangerous nature of the world. Many doctors are used to treating crushed or mangled limbs through amputation, and most injuries heal up fine.

Limbs can technically be regrown by ptheran doctors, but the number of doctors that exist to that skill level are few and far between. It's intensive, not to mention expensive, and the process greatly weakens the patient as it draws off their bodily resources. They must be well fed and well rested for months in order for a ptheran doctor to regrow a limb without killing them.

Many opt for prosthetics instead so that they can return to adventuring sooner. Some go without prosthetics at all.


Zero-articulation prosthetics are reliable but require a shift in lifestyle to accommodate them. They're normally non-moving, but won't break down and maintenance is minimal.

'Low-articulation' prosthetics are probably available from composers and easier to obtain. These limbs would probably have movement, but would not completely mimic a full limb in dexterity. They may be prone to losing all power during an aria storm, and also will need to be powered by esse, but a good composer will normally make them lock-able so that they can alternately be used as zero-articulation alternative.

A synthetic/witch with a magic specialty in inanimate control could make fully articulated prosthetics. Again, they probably suffer the same storm problems as a low-articulation ones, require a power source, and the only person who could 'service' that limb would be its original creator-- one couldn't just go to any old synthetic or composer if it broke.