MYO Slots

make your own original design using a "make your own" or MYO slot

Types of Slots

A "slot" allows you permission to create a character in World of Orrison. They appear on the MYO Slot Masterlist, and allow you to upload your design to the site and start upgrading characters.

  • MYO Slot - stands for "make your own", create a character of a closed species!
  • FTO Slot - stands for "first time owner", everyone can get a single FTO from the shop for free. You can create a character of any species, but it is non-transferrable.
  • NPC Slot - stands for "non player character", they are obtained through the NPC prompt. NPC's must be related and attached to a main character, and cannot be traded/swapped/gifted once used. NPC's cannot be used as a main character for prompts, cannot earn rep, and cannot gain traits.

Obtaining a Slot

Game Currency (esse)

MYO slots can be obtained through the MYO shop! Species-specific MYO slots are normally easier/cheaper to get than Universal ones. There is currently no way to purchase MYO's for cash, but we will stock the site store each month with a random array of species.

Easier to obtain than MYO slots are FTO slots. These slots are at a steep discount, but everyone is only allowed to buy them once. You can buy and use a FTO slot if you've never used one before, EVEN if you're not technically a FTO.


MYO slots can be obtained through events and raffles every few months.

You can also convert a human myo slot using an Old Mask item and a Species Item. The Old Mask can be crafted with 5 small plants and 5 small creatures, or purchased for 15 Esse in the upgrade shop. A species item can be crafted with 5 small creatures. Small creatures, small plants, and Esse are earned from prompts or the material shop. Once you have an Old Mask and a Species Item (ex: Curly Whisker for Rrex), get a human MYO slot and attach these items to the design request. You don't have to design the human first, and can skip straight to submitting the species design.

Your first human is free, and after that they only cost 1 rep to make by purchasing human eggs in the MYO shop. A person's very first daemon can also be made for free.

Using a Slot Item

Once you get a slot item, you can use it from the inventory to convert it to an MYO slot on the masterlist:


Slot Transfer

MYO Slots can only be gifted, traded, or resold for their original price in most cases- this policy is in place to prevent the purchase of MYO slots for the sake of selling. MYO slots that were earned through events or raffles are normally not able to be resold if they were not purchased in the first place.

You are allowed to commission or request that someone else creates a design for you-- the process will be the same, but be sure to give proper credit when uploading the artwork in the design request. Commissioning a design does alter the resale value of the adoptable, adding to the slot price-- however, you must be sure to provide proof in the comments of your design creation request of payment (through screenshot, preferably through a gyazo capture which verifies time stamps and other inforamtion) when uploading your design AND the myo slot must be sellable in the first place. You cannot resell or appraise an MYO that is not sellable.

Creating a design

Please keep species guides (in the "species" drop down on the navigation menu) in mind when creating an MYO. Every species has their own abilities and their own physical traits. Creatures in Orrison have flexibility for markings/colors, as the effect of magical radiation produces interesting mutations/variety. Still, complex artificial markings (such as a large amount of heart shapes or flower shapes) are rare. Patterns (like repeating honeycomb shapes) are slightly less rare.

  1. Draw a masterlist image
    Masterlist images must be clean (doesn't have to be lined, but must be clear) and flat (no shading, no painting).

  2. Request a Design Update for your MYO Slot.
    Go to the MYO Slot's masterlist entry. On the left side, you should see "Update Design" under its settings. Create a Design Update request and it will create a draft, where you must fill out the information required. Be sure to SAVE every tab (unsaved tabs have red X's) and hit submit on the Status tab!

    As a note, you are allowed to add one common fysa trait of the same type as your species. If you do not, your character will not have it.

  3. An admin will accept if approved, or cancel if denied.
    They will be sure to leave a comment on why it was rejected and what needs fixing!

We will work with you on anything that needs to be edited! Once the masterlist entry is approved, you can also submit your character to and then submit them into the world!

Making Humans

make your own original design of humans, who are not a closed species

About Humans

In World of Orrison, humans are open for creation by everyone- they are not a closed species. Humans have the ability to create daemons out of magic, and FTO's can create their own daemon for free!

You must make a human character (or otherwise own an adopt of one of the other species) in order to create a daemon. Daemons cannot exist in the physical realm easily without a partner!

Making a Human

In order to make a human, we ask that you follow the guidelines for human physiology. Human physical features can vary, and often humans take on traits of their neighboring species, so there is some flexibility here! Just be sure the humans fit within the genre and setting of Orrison.

That's it! Actually adding your human design to the masterlist is optional, and we only track the ownership of human designs if they were originally sold by a certified designer for the purpose of being used in Orrison. If you really want your human on the masterlist, purchase a human MYO slot for free in the shop and follow the procedure above for completing an MYO!

Making Daemons

make your own original design of a daemon, for FTO

About Daemons

Daemons are used as familiars for anyone who practices magic-- whether they are Composers, Naturalists, or Synthetics! They are of course the most useful for synthetics (aka witches), but their unique ability to charge Esse (the currency of Orrison, also used as magic batteries) full of Fysa is highly coveted.

Daemons are made entirely out of magic, and have a single elemental alignment which gives them an ability.

Making a FTO Daemon

  1. Own a character already!
    Daemons physically cannot maintain their existence in the physical realm without a partner. You should either already own a species of Orrison, or create a human character.

  2. Purchase the FTO Daemon Slot in the Shop.
    It should be available for free!

  3. Use it in your inventory!

Then follow the procedures listed above for making an MYO and submitting the design. Note that daemons are allowed one common Daemon fysa trait on creation.

Making Artifacts

make your own artifact, an object of power

About Artifacts

Artifacts are magical objects created from the body parts of slain creatures to grant it powers. Some artifacts are made through purposeful design, engineered by a synthetic, naturalist, or composer. One example of an artifact is the Spire itself, which was an artifact that was supposed to generate infinite energy but grew out of control and exploded far past its boundaries. Others are created by deities or extremely strong magic+emotions under special circumstances. Some artifacts are made one way, but corrupted by outside forces. There are a lot of story opportunities for artifacts, as well as uses.

The creation of artifacts itself is an outlawed practice, as when artifacts were common, poaching of sentients was also common as their body parts were needed to create these things. Thus, the knowledge of how exactly to engineer them is taboo and difficult to come across.

Use of Artifacts in Stories

You are free to mention the use of an artifact in your character's backstory without actually owning one-- for example, if your character is morphed, cursed, or has a fysa outside of their natural element, you can say that it was granted through brief contact with an artifact. That artifact cannot still be present in your character's posession currently however-- it must have been lost or destroyed. You also must already have the trait or effect the artifact is supposed to have caused-- the artifact is just flavortext.

Artifacts and Traits

Artifacts grant its holder one trait or ability outside of the boundaries of conventional traits. Normally, the trait it grants has to do with its origins-- for example, it could be a power from the creature it was made from (an extinct species if none of the current species has that trait) or the ability/morph could have to do with the artifact's creation. Limitations and curses are often added to the artifact through emotion, tragedy, or deity tampering.

Whoever the artifact is bound to gets its traits, attaching the artifact to that character as an equip. You can remove it from that character by redesigning the character without the trait, and then reattach it to another character freely.

An artifact is allowed the following:

  • ONE alteration
    This is one physical change which affects 25% of the body.
  • ONE ability
    This is one magical ability the user can have.
  • ONE additional alteration OR ability
    You can use this to either change up to 50% of the body or have two magical abilities, but not both.
  • Limitations
    You must have ONE limitation PER additional alteration or ability (so if you have 1 alteration only, you don't need a limitation, nor do you need a limitation if you only have one ability, but if you have any more than that, you need one limitation per. This means a minimum of 2 limitations if you max out all alterations and abilities on one artifact. You can add as many rules or limitations as you want however if you want extra for flavor. A limitation is either a drawback or a rule the power must follow.
These are all the possible combinations:
  • one alteration 25%, two abilities, resulting in 2 limitation minimum
  • two atlerations of 50%, one ability, resulting in 2 limitation minimum
  • one alteration 25%, one ability, resulting in 1 limitation minimum
  • two alterations of 50%, resulting in 1 limitation minimum
  • two abilities, resulting in 1 limitation minimum
  • one alteration 25%, no limitation needed
  • one ability, no limitations needed

Making an Artifact

You must already have an MYO slot for an artifact, which can be earned from events or crafted. Follow the same process for creating an MYO as listed above. The artifact should be drawn so that the item is displayed clearly. We recommend a minimum of 300px square for the artifact. Your comments should outline the artifact's Alterations, Abilities, and Limitations, as well as any flavortext. If you would like to discuss with a moderator before submitting, or to submit your flavortext through DM's instead, please DM Juni#0448 on Discord.

Once an artifact is made, you can attach it to a character by requesting a design update on that character. The artifact's masterlist number (ART-###) should be listed in comments. The character's new design should reflect the alterations added by the artifact.

Making NPC's

make your own non player character of any species

NPC's are supporting and background characters for your other existing main characters. They are meant to fill the role of family members and minor characters in your stories. You can earn an NPC slot by completing the NPC Prompt.

NPC's are bound to a normal character and cannot be traded/swapped/gifted once made. They cannot be used as main characters for prompts, cannot earn rep, and cannot gain traits.

Designing and updating an NPC works the same way as normal characters, and they will get masterlist entries in the sub masterlist. When requesting a design update, you must let us know what character they are related to (whether family, friends, enemies, etc) and they will be bound to them. Like other MYO's, they can be completely overhauled at any time if you are unhappy with them, however you CAN change an NPC's species if desired.

In order to upgrade an NPC into a full fledged character, a new MYO slot item must be obtained and added onto their design update request (or linked in a comment if it's already been used). You can trade/sell this character once upgraded, as it will no longer be bound.

Making Companions

make your own non player character of any species

Companions are pets and mounts of fauna species. You are free to make them as they are not a closed species, however if you earn them and place them on the masterlist, they are available for future upgrades as well as submission bonuses. Cameo'ing and including an official companion of your character to your entry gives you the additional award of a bag of care (mounts) or bag of comfort (pet), no matter what submission you include them on. You can earn a companion slot by completing the slot by completing the Mount and Pet Prompts.

Companions are bound to a normal character and cannot be traded/swapped/gifted once made. They cannot be used as main characters for prompts and cannot gain traits, though they can earn rep.

Designing and updating a companion works the same way as normal characters, and they will get masterlist entries in the sub masterlist. When requesting a design update, you must let us know what character they are related to (whether family, friends, enemies, etc) and they will be bound to them. Like other MYO's, they can be completely overhauled at any time if you are unhappy with them, however you CAN change an companion's species if desired.


frequently asked questions

Am I required to have my human character on the masterlist?

Nope! Humans on the masterlist will mostly be human characters who were created to be sold or raffled by the moderators explicitly for Orrison use. Otherwise, they're not required to be added in order to be used for prompts, but you can add them if you want them to be able to earn rewards (rep, fysa, morphs, etc).

For anyone with an Orrison human on the masterlist who would rather have them removed, that's doable too! Just DM @orrison with the request and a link to their masterlist entry. Humans are not a closed species, and they are not bound by Orrison's general ToS. They are only bound by their original designer's ToS (and if that's you, then you still own full rights!). You can trade/gift/resell them freely and if they are removed from Orrison through trading we will remove them from the masterlist.

Can my non-human character, such as an immanu or a rrex, own a daemon and be a witch?

Yes, non-humans can own daemons and even have pacts/call themselves witches. Anyone can benefit from a surplus of fysa that the daemons create and it can strengthen their magic... however, only humans with alloy magic can create daemons so they will have to have either found them, tamed them, or purchased them.

Still, you can make a daemon for your own adopt of any species if you are a daemon FTO if you'd like! Daemons who are abandoned by their original witches are desperate to find new owners and make new pacts. Some witches also may sell daemons as companions.

Can my character own multiple daemons?

Yes. Although only your first daemon is free, you can buy/gain/own multiple daemons and your character can have pacts with as many as you'd like.

Can I import existing characters?

Yes! As long as you follow certain guidelines:

Non-CS imported into a CS

You can create closed species designs based off of your existing characters, HOWEVER these designs should not be traded seperately unless the designs are visually different enough. For one example, if you are solely importing the name/personality onto an existing design, that's totally fine, even if you trade them off after. If the designs are copied, they should be altered, nulled, or edited before being seperated. As MYO slots are allowed to be completely overhauled, you can turn your MYO character back into a slot if necessary.

CS imported into a CS

The rules are similar; as long as the two designs resemble one another, they must be bound together. We would request that we are given the ML entry of the other CS in the creation process so that we can link it in the description. They can only be traded seperately if the designs no longer resemble one another. As MYO slots are allowed to be completely overhauled, you can turn your MYO character back into a slot if necessary.

The CS you're importing from must also allow this! You must follow BOTH species' ToS. If you neglect to check and it becomes an issue, your character will be reverted to a blank MYO slot.

CS imported into a human (non-cs)

This is completely fine, as long as you don't try to keep the human when trading the CS away or vice versa while they still strongly resemble one another. If your human is edited to no longer copy the design of the CS but still maintains the name/personality that's fine. If ownership of that CS leaves you and your human is too similar, please notify us so we can delete the human version.

Non-CS imported into a human (non-cs)

This is completely fine, and you continue to own all rights to your character. You can do whatever you'd like, however if you trade or sell this character away, we will delete them off the ML as they no longer are part of Orrison unless the new recipient recreates them.

You can draw inspiration from characters in popular media (palettes, personalities, etc) but you should not rip designs nor concepts 1:1. If they're to similar, we may request edits. Homages are allowed to an extent, but should not break the world of Orrison!