common naming conventions in orrison

None of this is 100% strict-- it's common for some to have a name which follows the convention of another species as many interspecies families exist (as well as general cultural influence over time in proximity), and for wanderers/hermits/pariahs to abstain from conventions altogether.

  • Names are an important part of Luto identity. Luto choose for themselves a "true name" which is what they generally tend to go by. It is usually short, a 1-3 syllable word, spoken with the syllables separated/stressed. In small communities, names are shorter, while in larger communities, they are longer to stay more unique. These names can change, if a Luto feels the change fits them better.

    True Name Examples
    • 1 Syllable
      Aym, Kei, Pol, Uhl
    • 2 Syllables
      Rei'un, Ki'pai, Le'tuil
    • 3 Syllables
      Ail'En'Til, Rue'Den'Ait

    The second part of a Luto's name is purely titles. There are general titles (known by all) and titles within niche communitites (make up your own meanings), and Luto also can create titles based on other species and unique events. Names are formatted as follows:


    Title Examples
    • -sen
      elder, ancient, respected one, or leader
    • -rii
      child, one who is young, can add -"name of the parent"
    • -ruhl
      parent, one who is caring, can add -"name of child"
    • -ellei
      wanderer, traveller, or well traveled
    • -ai
    • 'nimmo'
      unnamed, or stranger. somtimes an insult

    Example: Aym-Sen-Ruhl'Kei-Ruhl'Pol / Aym the elder one, creator of Kei and creator of Pol

    Luto make a point of remembering others' full titles, but do not expect this from other species. Although Luto do not generally shorten names (it's considered rude) they may use titles of endearment. Sometimes they will assign "true names" to their close friends.

Rrex & Kheiraa
  • Rrex names tend to have somewhat harsh sounding consonants, though this varies based on class. They prefer short, no-nonsense names. Some names are based off of traits (either observed or desired).

    Kheiraa also have rrex names, though they're more likely than most rrex to use non-rrex naming conventions due to their ancestral origins as Rhotian (seafaring) rrex with a melting pot nation. Human names, Immanu names, even chimia names are common.

    Common sounds are:
    hrr, rh, chs, irth, oan, irt, wh, ius, sv, au, air, dro

    • Short Names
      Mera, Enarr, Forchs, Rhott, Derth, Garr
    • Literal Names
      Mirth, Valorr, Triumph, Stoic, Brightt
    • Fancy Names
      Rhaegar, Aelius, Adair, Aulus, Svirr
    • Word used for 'non-rrex' meaning "civilian"
Chimia & Chimoraa
  • Chimia have a tendency to have long names with short, sharp consonants-- this is a remnant of their language, Chimirish, which is fast paced and elaborate. These names are often repetitive or rhythmical in nature, and are shortened to a 1-2 syllable nickname. Chimoraa likewise tend to share chimia naming patterns, though theirs can be a little less choppy and more eloquent. Short single-syllable versions of chimia names are also used for chimoraa.

    • Short Names
      Patarat, Pirfiran, Kirkaran, Kekira, Dirdan
    • Normal Names
      Dekimora, Rintineta, Retimiroh, Belitirah
    • Fancy Names
      Pelisofira, Maliferantosah, Minmintarunah
    • Nickname used for everyone, means "pal"
  • Immanu names vary-- there are some who take names based in the sounds of the old Immithean language, while others take names based off of traits (either observed or desired).

    Common sounds are:
    theus, mm, th, ira, era, ren, reus, reun, iel, ael

    • Common Names
      Ambren, Ithika, Ralius, Charael
    • Literal Names
      Verity, Honoren, Bluest, Wit
    • Fancy Names
      Cythira (used to be royalty), Reneseus, Solacia
    • Formal version of 'migas', means "fellow/peer"
  • Leyr names tend to be airy, full of vowels and soft sounds. They love to twist a single string of vowels into several syllables. These can be shortened (ex: Skyah = Sky, Liraeah = Lira, Morlheiahmy = Mor, or Ahmy) as many find them a mouthful.

    Names are mostly derived from the tongue of the Corvigere, and contain many of the following types of sounds:
    ei, ai, eah, eyr, ehl, eil, ll, rr

    • Short Names
      Skyah, Orleia, Hireah, Melai, Ilai, Ilya
    • Normal Names
      Liraeah, Meleyhr, Loleyhr, Rellaiah, Leilorah
    • Fancy Names
      Eirowehn, Eilhowise, Morlheiahmy, Lileyhmi
    • It's common to use titles instead
      Scriber, Director, Sculptor
  • True names are often kept private between family and close confidants, and Ptheran instead use alternate names that are derived from their true name. It is not taboo to learn of another's true name, but to use it when it was not given by the owner is a blatant display of disrespect. Names tend to be more musical, reflecting the old tradition of storytelling in Ptheran culture.

    Common sounds are:
    alt, alam, el, ala, era, iri, omo, th, pt, an, ama, olo, hs, se

    • Alternate Names
      Rae, Noh, Viroan, Elem, Kala, Basla
    • Private Names
      Raetalan, Urasanohse, Malesolo, Pelatamase
    • Catchall pronoun/name used for everyone

    Ptheran can also expand upon their true names, adding syllables that are derived from the names of people with importance in thier lives.
    For example: Malesolo > Malesolote > Malesoloteshan > etc

  • Tolka names tend to be simple and well rounded. They have a preference for cacophonic consonants and soft vowels. The sound of these names is remniscent of the way things sound underwater.

    Common sounds are:
    tol, bol, ka, keh, bough, aulk, ilk, elk, owl, pol, foh, dew, thol

    • Short Names
      Tak, Ott, Rhett, Wol
    • Normal Names
      Ottanak, Gutalok, Waulk, Katolol
    • Affectionate Nicknames
      Tala, Tola, Wala, Otlu
    • Nickname of respect or affection
      Yna or Name'Yna

    Affectionate names are made by choosing one syllable from the original name, and adding a soft syllable (-a, -o, -u) as a suffix.

  • Human names can be based off of real world names-- though likely, these names would be altered as over time. It is likely many of these names would also be influenced by other species.

    • Real World Names
      Maria, Russell, Yves, Joan
    • Altered Names
      Meria, Ruruselli, Iyvei, Joannehl
    • Literal Names
      Stone, Shadow, Zealous, Dust
Daemon & Esprit
  • Daemon names are normally chosen by their partners, so they tend to reflect the naming preferences of their partners. Still, daemons tend to respond best to short and distinctive names.

    A daemon who is old enough may decide to pick their own name, but this is rare as many grow comfy and fond of their chosen names.

    An esprit on the other hand is often very decisive of what it wants to be called. They normally choose words that remind them of their favorite things, colors, or traits (ex: flower, bread, pond, buzz, loud, helpful). These can change over time.

  • Luraa frequently take names based on others they come into contact with, but also as forces who manifest in nature, they tend to get names which reflect natural phenomenon.

    A luraa may have a name that is simple, like Rain, Shine, Wind, or Dust. A luraa may also take a name that is a title or concept, such as 'The First Dew' or even 'Sunlight Through Dappled Leaves Onto Cold Earth'.